We provide and promote opportunities for the development of young nonprofit professionals.

We envision a world where young nonprofit professionals:

• connect through purpose
• challenge to change
• lead together

Our values:

● We strive for respect and inclusiveness
● We seek opportunities to collaborate
● We respond to the evolving needs of our community

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The Twin Cities chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network is a community of nonprofit staff, volunteers, supporters, and allies: current and future leaders who want to connect with others in the social sector.



Values-Based Leadership: Find Your Inner Compass, Lead Well

By Cecelia Caspram
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Picture a leader you admire. What do you think makes her/him tick?

One of my most admired leaders has always been Martin Luther King, Jr. Here’s the problem: I’ve often thought of him as kind of a saint. I have forgotten that he had everyday, mundane decisions to make – small things that added up to the sum total of his life. He ate three meals a day, needed sleep, and had a family. He was just like you and me – except for how he managed to transcend the everyday mundane details, to strive for his highest ideals.

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Don’t Go Broke While Managing Your First Website Redesign

By Cary Lenore Walski
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It’s true. Researchers have confirmed it, dogs have no concept of scale. In other words, a small dog does not realize how small he or she is. Hence the well-known phenomena of small-dog syndrome. So why am I bringing this seemingly random factoid up? 

Well, I’ve noticed a similar phenomena when working with web vendors. It can be hard for them to anticipate how long it will take to do work for you, especially if the work in question requires the creation of something that’s entirely new to them.

Now your developer by his or her basic nature wants to make a good product for you and please you because you’re the customer. That innate desire to please coupled with the difficulty of making accurate projections of time can mix together to make one, well, very expensive cocktail. They may tell you anything is possible, because, well almost anything is — for a price.

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Hurry Up and Wait

By Kate Borman
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Deadlines. Timestamps. Alarms. We have the world at our fingertips and have learned to tune our lives to the tick of the clock. Yet, no matter how many seconds we plan, there is always an element of surprise; one thing that is out of our control. Something that always messes up our perfectly-planned days. We hurry through life, just to end up waiting.

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3 Lies We Were Told about How the World Works

By Jared Rendell
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A few weeks ago, I got the chance to offer some closing words to a couple hundred high school kids after their week at BestPrep’s Minnesota Business Venture. I’m a camp guy by heart, so any chance to connect with youth in a focused setting like that is a chance to make an impact.  So, naturally, I started off with something really inspiring — I told them they were lied to. “What a great closing speaker,” I thought to myself, “tell them their parents are liars.”  Encouragement was dripping from my lapel mic. 

But, these ideas continue to roll over and over in my head and heart, and so I’m sharing them with you. Hopefully this doesn’t wreck your day or make you question your parents' motives.

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Identity-Driven Leadership: Who I Am Is How I Lead

By Diane Tran
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Think of a leader you admire. Do you appreciate their ability to share thoughtful insights based on their experiences and perspectives? To listen with openness and the intent to truly understand? To develop ideas and solutions relying on their instincts and intuition? To be motivated by their personal passions and own visions of what’s possible? To be truly and consistently themselves in whatever settings they find themselves?

That leader you’re thinking of – is it you?

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