YNPN Twin Cities is officially a 501(c)(3) organization!

We have exciting news to share as we continue to celebrate our 10th anniversary -- YNPN Twin Cities is now officially a tax-deductible nonprofit organization!

Just last month, the IRS approved our application for 501(c)(3) status for YNPN TC as a tax-deductible nonprofit. As former board chair Brian Gioielli shared in a blog post last year, our board made the decision last year to seek this status to help build the infrastructure we need to strengthen our current work and grow into the future.

As Brian shared last year: "This decision and process will move us away from fiscal sponsorship, create an independent structure for ourselves, and shift and change some responsibilities within our board and volunteer network. None of this is particularly a huge change. We're still a scrappy, open, ambitious, passionate, volunteer-run organization powered by big ideas and a sandbox to play and make things happen.”

With our 501(c)(3) status, we will now be able to put the financial structures into place that will allow us to establish a professional development fund for our members. We’ll be able to invest in ourselves and each other as a community.

We won’t be changing our programming or how we build and organize our YNPN-TC community; we are as committed as ever to providing accessible professional development to anyone with no member fees or event costs.

I’d like to share a few rounds of thanks to those who helped us achieve this milestone: Lexi Prahl and Carl Atiya Swanson explored which legal status options were the best for us.

Team 1023, who helped write the IRS application, was comprised of Pa Thao, Lexi Prahl, Naaima Kahn, Michael Zuniga, Kelsey Polcher, Carl Atiya Swainson, Iris Hoover, Dave Rannow and Danielle Gangelhoff. And special thanks to Ashley Rehn at RedPath and Co. for her advice on our 1023 application.

Thanks to Jamie Smith and former YNPN National Director Trish Tchume for their advice on tax statuses, and the 2015 YNPN Twin Cities Board of Directors for their curiosity, willingness to explore new territory, and decision-making for the future of YNPN Twin Cities.

And lastly, thanks to you – our members and volunteers who gave input on just what we should be doing as an organization to meet our shared mission, vision and values.

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