What's in it for Me? The benefits of a national network

Co-written by Jamie Millard and Chris Oien

Earlier this month was the YNPN National Conference, where almost 100 YNPN'ers from around the country gathered in San Francisco to swap stories and share ideas. Four of us from the Twin Cities represented, where we both shared the awesome things we're up to and took home a lot of new ideas to apply here. But enough about us! You too should value and take take advantage of the fact that YNPN is thriving in many cities around the country. Here are five reasons to care:

1. Relocation

Want to live in another city, but don't yet have a job or network there? There are 34 YNPN chapters across the country waiting to welcome you with open arms.

2. National Perspective

It can be easy to forget or realize that other nonprofit communities are doing interesting things outside of the Twin Cities. By following other YNPN chapters, you're plugged into a national network. You'll have a better grasp of upcoming trends and more complete sense of the big, national picture in our community.

3. National Advocacy

The national YNPN chapter advocates for our entire community's voice. Learn what they are doing and how you can help as they build the pipeline for a more diverse and thriving sector for the future.

4. More Problem Solving

Look beyond your own backyard when seeking ideas or solutions. YNPN chapters often have list-serves, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook accounts that you can join and follow. Folding a national network into your "go-to resource pool" will ensure more diverse and hopefully helpful solutions into a feedback loop.

5. Welcome Transplants

Just as you might relocate someday, other YNPNers are also relocating to the Twin Cities. Your local YNPN Twin Cities chapter can be an opportunity to welcome other like-minded individuals from different cities with new perspectives.

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