Well Wishes for the Best Two-Legged Kat We Know

main.jpgThe June meeting of YNPN-TC’s Board of Directors marks the last of Kat Kempe as our Vice Chair. As many know, Kat will be starting next month in the Mid-career Masters in Public Administration (MC/MPA) program at Harvard! Wooo! For more than a decade Kat has tirelessly served those around her in the Twin Cities. She is one of those special individuals that is always completely present with those around her and selflessly supportive at every turn. I could include pages about Kat and how spectacular she is but for now I am lucky to have words from a few others to share:

“I have worked with Kat for ten years since she joined Ready 4 K in 2005. She has become one of Minnesota’s most effective, knowledgeable, and wise advocates for improving the life chances of children ages birth to five. Her extraordinary people skills and consistent and optimistic temperament have helped maintain unity in the community of early childhood policy advocates. Her direct and mission-focused training of those in the field, and her activating the 6,000 people she has brought together in our database, have combined to provide a sustained and effective voice for our youngest citizens. Of course I will miss her, but I am so excited for her as she enters the next major chapter of her work life. Much love and good wishes to this wonderful person.” - Todd Otis, Chief Advancement Officer, Think Small

“When you think of a lobbyist, you think of cloak and daggers with backroom dealings between powerful cigar chomping old men. Kat was the opposite though. She's warm, open, and a champion for the educational future of so many youth in Minnesota that will never know her name, but will have a better life because of her work.” - Brandon Boat, The Theater of Public Policy

“Kat has two cats, including one tripod. Kat told me a story once about how a little kid pointed out that there's a two legged Kat, a three legged cat, and a four legged cat in her house. Kat's the best two-legged Kat I know and I'll miss her humor and thoughtfulness.” - Lindsay Bacher, Development Director at NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota 

“Kat is the kind of person who is incredibly thoughtful and possesses high emotional intelligence. She has a great knack for reading people's concerns and speaks eloquently about even the most nuanced things. We share a special connection with our enjoyment of good, timely food (including a discussion about what it means to get "hangry"). Kat, it's been a pleasure serving on YNPN's board under your leadership as Vice Chair. You are an inspiration who will be greatly missed!” - Naaima Khan, Associate Program Manager, Greater Twin Cities United Way

“Kat has always been an enthusiastic, thoughtful presence on the YNPN-TC Board. Her flexible & positive leadership style (and infectious laugh) have offered a needed, fresh perspective for me in my growth as a leader & nonprofiteer. She will be so missed! Best of luck to her on her next adventure!” - Madeline Graham, Communications Coordinator, EMERGE

“Kat is amazing to talk to when you are working through a problem. She always provides perspective, reassurance, and support. Whether it's about work or personal matters, she's one of the people I turn to first, because I know she'll listen and offer important insight into the issue. I don't know what I'll do without her!” - Steph Jacobs, Program Director, Nonprofits Assistance Fund

“Harvard Kat,” as I like to call her, is going to be missed in Minneapolis. Her approach to life and work oozes authenticity and true passion. She’s been a boon for our local nonprofit sector broadly and for our educational system, particularly. I am grateful to have her as a role model in advocacy and engagement. Even more so, I am privileged to call her a friend. You’ll be missed, Kat!” - Virginia Brown, Marketing Director, IGNITE Sales Management

“Kat is the type of person that just radiates positivity and joy...I'm so bummed I didn't get to work with her longer, but I'm so grateful to have served on the board with her for the time I did. Harvard is so lucky to have her!!” - Sarah Crumrine, Special Events Associate, Bridging

“Oh Kat, YNPN's own Tim Howard! Nimble, with the field of vision, keeping the goal, a foundation of strength to send the rest of the team out and play their best. Now that you're transferring away, thanks for leaving us in such great shape. Pity about Romelu Lukaku.” - Carl Atiya Swanson, Director of Movement Building, Springboard for the Arts

“In a word, Kat is simply amazing, and I feel incredibly lucky to have had the great fortune of meeting and volunteering with her. She exudes such positive energy and grace in everything she does. I look up to her as a fellow board member, but especially as an individual who's a remarkable trailblazer. I can't wait to see what Kat will take on next after her time at Harvard!” - Erica Winegar, Communications & Administration Coordinator, Lupus Foundation of Minnesota

YNPN-TC is one of many organizations, individuals, and communities that will forever be changed thanks to the incredible work of Kat Kempe. Thank you for your service Kat - we will miss you!

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