We have an operating budget!

We've got big news.

No, we're not making any presidential endorsements. We are, however, beyond excited to announce that for the first time ever, YNPN Twin Cities has an approved operating budget and fundraising plan!

Throughout the last year, we've been keeping you up-to-date on our work to create financial sustainability for YNPN Twin Cities. A lot of people have contributed a lot of work, and many thanks to the members, volunteers, and board members that played a role in shaping our budget and fundraising plan.

Here's a quick run-down of that work:

  • In developing our 2015-2017 strategic plan in summer 2014, the YNPN Twin Cities Board made “Creating Financial Sustainability” one of our priorities.
  • In the 2014 Member Survey last fall, we asked about how you'd like us to consider raising money – membership dues, asking for donations, applying for grants, etc.
  • We convened a Finance Sub-Committee, led by Carl Atiya Swanson, which met throughout 2015. The group, made of some fantastic volunteers, tackled the whys and hows of a financial future for YNPN Twin Cities. We discussed our big ideas about what we'd like to spend money on and what makes the most sense for raising that money. Overwhelmingly, people agreed that any extra funds above and beyond our operating budget should be used for the professional development of YNPN Twin Cities members (psst: you).
  • We brought our list of ideas to our volunteers and committees and asked: “How can we best support our members if we have financial resources?” We narrowed down the list and brainstormed how to move those concepts into reality.
  • The Finance Sub-Committee recommended a 2016 budget and fundraising plan to the Board, which was approved this fall. 

Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

One of the great things about this process was the near unanimous consensus that YNPN Twin Cities should help our members grow as young professionals and invest in developing the leadership skills you'll need to become the next generation of Executive Directors, Presidents, and CEOs in the nonprofit sector, locally and nationally. We've got some great ideas of how to do this, including a professional development fund where members can apply for professional development dollars for their personal growth. We're excited to incorporate our members in creating this fund and figuring out how to transparently and equitably use your donations to invest in our members.

Below are the basics the YNPN Twin Cities Board approved for 2016. See the basic budget here.

Events - space, refreshments, speakers


Organizational - supplies, website, database, insurance




As you may notice, these hard costs cover the basics of running YNPN Twin Cities - there is, of course, lots of donated time, talent, and resources that also make our enterprise run. Anything we raise above and beyond the hard costs of basic operations will go into our professional development fund. The sky's the limit and we're excited to invest in our members.

We’ll be asking you, our members, supporters, and friends, to donate to YNPN Twin Cities and invest in our membership - but not yet. This is the way that we want to make sure that YNPN Twin Cities is funded for the future. Not with member fees or event registrations that might limit access to our young nonprofit professional community, but by asking our community to invest in itself. We have benefitted in many ways from our involvement in YNPN Twin Cities, and this is a way for us to pay that forward. 

But first – a huge thanks to the numerous people who contributed to creating these plans. Our members gave us good insights, our committees and volunteers helped narrow down how we can invest in members, and the Finance Sub-Committee and Board did amazing work going from zero (money, plans, budget) to the thoughtful and transparent plans we have today. We would not have this solid foundation without the vision, guidance, and smooth facilitation skills of Carl Atiya Swanson, our treasurer. This financial future would be more perilous and hasty without his thoughtful leadership.

Thank you!

YNPN Twin Cities Board of Directors

P.S. If we have a giant pile of money ala Walter White (without dealing meth), we'll totally invite all of you to lie on it with us.  


P.P.S. Have you checked out our Give To The Max Day page? We're pretty busy raising money for our day jobs to do a real GTMD campaign, but consider donating $20 and helping us go into 2016 with some cash in the bank!

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