"Two truths and a lie" with YNPN's newest board members!

new_board.jpgThis month, we wanted to give a big, giant welcome to this year’s newest board members!

To introduce them to you, we thought we would play a fun game: two truths and a lie! Read a bit about each new boardie, then see if you can guess which fun facts are true and which one is a fib.

And a big welcome to the YNPN-TC Board!


Cole St. Arnold | Operations and Project Manager, Native American Community Development Institute

  1. I am a certified snowboard instructor.
  2. My wedding anniversary is Halloween.
  3. I am a scratch golfer.

Kathleen Smith | Marketing Communications Strategist, Minnesota Philanthropy Partners

  1. I made state in fencing.
  2. I attended university where they filmed scenes from the Harry Potter movies.
  3. I once delivered packages for FedEx.

Tom Zimmerman | Marketing & Communications Manager, GiveMN

  1. I lived in Atlanta for a decade, but always secretly preferred Pepsi to Coca-Cola.
  2. I lived in a freshman residence hall for the first three years of college.
  3. I could recite from all states and capitals from memory at age 5.

Lindsay Marcil | Enrollment and Marketing Coordinator for Continuing Education, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

  1. I had two imaginary horses growing up: Chestnut and Appleblossom.
  2. I played "All My Life' by K-Ci & JoJo on my ukulele at my friends' wedding this summer.
  3. I did not know all of the names of the Great Lakes until my sophomore year of college.

Matt Dreier | Director of Operations, Project SUCCESS

  1. I once drove a car off of a bridge.
  2. I beat the Buffalo Wild Wing Blazin' Challenge.
  3. I was an all-state football player in high school.

Amita Ramachandran | Loan & Special Project Assistant, Neighborhood Development Center

  1. I went bungee jumping at age 16.
  2. I've been chased by an emu.
  3. I have visited 6 of 7 continents.


Now that you've met our new board members, are you ready to learn which one is a lie? Scroll down!









Are you sure? Don't scroll down any more until you're ready to see the answers!



We like your commitment. Now, here are the lies!

Cole - #3: I'm not a scratch golfer.

Kathleen - #2: I didn't attend school where they filmed Harry Potter movies.

Tom - #1: I do not secretly prefer Pepsi to Coca-Cola, and this is quite possibly the biggest lie I have ever told.

Lindsay - #2: I did not play "All My Life" on my ukulele at a wedding this summer.

Matt - #3: I wasn't an all-state football player in high school.

Amita - #3: I haven't visited six continents.


Now that you've learned random facts about our new board members, read more about them on our  YNPN Leadership page, and come out to meet them in person at an event soon!

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