Things Learned at #FailLab

full.jpgPlaying Jenga … drawing birds … writing song lyrics with your non-dominant hand … defending an unpopular viewpoint … what do they have in common? They are all activities from the “Fail Lab” that happened during Taking the Alternative Route: The Upside to an Unexpected Journey, YNPN-TC’s June event.

In addition to some light-hearted failing, the event featured a conversation between Diane Tran (Founder of Minnesota Rising, Damon Runnals (Executive Director of the Southern Theater), and Pa Thao (the panel moderator and Assistant to the President and CEO of the Northern Achievement Zone).

Some of the best quotes from the night (in no particular order):

  • Damon Runnals: “In crisis moments, you are being given a huge chance to learn. How you learn can drive your choices in the future.”
  • Diane Tran: “Something only counts as a failure if you stop there. What you do next puts everything into context.”
  • Damon Runnals: “Working in nonprofits, our work feels personal, so we view failure as personal. You need to take time to reflect and see the big picture.”
  • Diane Tran: “Remember to separate ‘Did I fail? What can I do differently?’ from ‘Am I a failure?’”
  • Damon Runnals: “My best tips for surviving failure are one, remember you are your own harshest critic, and two, make your failures public. Others have a fresh perspective and can help you see how to use and grow from failure.”
  • Diane Tran: “We are all human. We need to remember self-care, especially in times of crisis. Remember that how things are now will not be how they are forever.”
The event was live tweeted by YNPN-TC and others, so make sure to check it out and search for the hashtag #FailLab.

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