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As a member-based organization, feedback from our members on how we’re running YNPN Twin Cities is vital to the success of the organization. Recently, we sent out our annual member survey, and had a record-breaking number of respondents tell us what we’re doing well and what we can do to bring more value to you, our members.

Here are 5 key things you had to say this year:

1. You’ve gotten to know the sector better.

When asked what you have gained from being a member of YNPN-TC, 77% of you said that you have a greater awareness of local nonprofits. Over half of you said that you have made a new professional connection in the sector.

2. The events in 2013 have been a hit.

We asked what event was your favorite for the year, and a wide range of events were mentioned. Some of your top favorites were:

  • 5 Minutes in Hell--11 brave souls took the stage for a five-minute presentation on a topic that relates to the success and failures that we all experience.

  • Networking Recess--back in the spring we took an artful departure from business as usual and played icebreaking games which helped us get to know other YNPN-TC members even better.

  • Breaking the Rules with Integrity presented by Steve Bolke--We learned 3 basic principles which challenged us to examine our understanding of integrity as we strive to be leaders who want to make a difference.

Other events that were frequently mentioned were: the Emerging Leaders Networking brown bag lunches with our partner Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, and Breakfast of Champions, which provides members an opportunity to connect with local executive directors and meet with other YNPN-TC members in a smaller setting.

We would also like to extend a special thanks to the Guthrie for providing our members discounted tickets to see two fabulous shows this year - these events were also mentioned frequently and fondly.

3. You’re looking for even more ways to gain professional development skills.

Members listed a plethora of areas and ways that they would like to grow professionally in the sector, and we’re excited for the new ideas and feedback on areas that we should continue to focus on and areas to start focusing on. We have a couple of very exciting initiatives in 2014 that offer more opportunities for professional development, so stay tuned for us to announce those. Hint: They are going to be huge!

4. You’d still like to get to know each other better.

Last year, our members said they would like to get to know YNPN-TC members, volunteers, and the board of directors a little better. And while this year members are feeling more welcomed than ever before, many would like us to continue our efforts to make the community more welcoming and engaging. We agree! We will be continuing our radical welcoming efforts into 2014 and beyond.

5. We are Fun, Young, Professional, and Networking.

These four words were used most frequently when we asked our members to describe YNPN-TC.  Some of our other favorites were:  Ambitious, relevant, scrappy, and gif-tastic.

Didn’t get a chance to take the survey? Do you have reflections about the results? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or contact us at [email protected].

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