Thank you, outgoing board members!

main.jpgFive amazing YNPN-TC Board Members are finishing up their terms at the end of the year: Carl Atiya Swanson, Brandon Boat, Cary Walski, Madeline Graham, and Chris Oien.

How can we say thank you to these individuals who have contributed so much to YNPN-TC?

Carl Atiya Swanson

By Danielle Gangelhoff

Carl Atiya Swanson has been an incredible asset to the board and to YNPN-TC as a whole. As Board Treasurer, a member of the Governance Committee, and lead of YNPN-TC’s first Finance Sub-committee, Carl has brought unique and valuable insight to all of his work.

Commitment, enthusiasm, and community are three characteristics that first come to mind when thinking about Carl. His high energy and creativity make even the most daunting projects enjoyable (yes, even conversations about financial reports and budgeting). Carl is a passionate member of his community, whether that community be YNPN, the Twin Cities, or the arts sector, and he can be relied on to represent each community to the fullest.  

I am sure I speak for all the board members when I say Carl will be missed. We eagerly await his next leg of the journey and the opportunity to show him the kind of support he has shown to us.

Brandon Boat

By Erica Winegar

Brandon Boat led Programming this year as our Committee Chair and he did an amazing job in this capacity. I was constantly impressed by Brandon's ability to juggle a million things as ProComm Chair, and I appreciated the great attitude and sense of humor he brought to the group. His organization, leadership, and encouragement helped make over 45 events happen this year, including August's Scattershot Cafe, which was essentially 10 mini-events! WHOA, guys--and I mean like, Keanu Reeves "whoa"--that's a ton of programming!


I know I'm not alone in saying how much I'm going to miss Brandon as a fellow board member. He's thoughtful, clever, and just an all-around-fantastic human being. Thank you for all you've contributed to YNPN-TC, Brandon!

Cary Walski

By Chris Oien

Imagine for a moment, if you think you can bear it, a world in which Cary Walski did not join the YNPN-TC board. It would have meant no one there to spearhead our first Welcoming Summit, which led to Radical Welcoming as a concept infused into our core. It would have meant she wasn't around to help YNPN National research and create its technology platform, which our chapter and many others will reap the benefits from for many years to come. It would have meant we were missing a board member with an unwavering commitment to high quality member experiences, online and off. It would mean, at minimum, 90% fewer unicorns. Aren't you glad you get to live in this universe instead? I know I am. Thank you, Cary, for four years of irreplaceable service to this community.

Madeline Graham

By Cary Walski

What can I say? Everyone should be lucky enough to have a Madeline Graham in their lives and in their organization. Madeline is a thoughtful idealist who gets shit done.

Madeline’s work on the member benefits program has been HUGE. If you’ve gotten scholarships to any MAP for Nonprofits, Association of Fundraising Professionals, MACC Commonwealth, or Minnesota Council of Nonprofits conferences through YNPN-TC, thank Madeline Graham. Really, thank her right now, here’s her twitter handle (it will totally embarrass her). In addition to her leadership of the member benefits program, Madeline also has spearheaded efforts within YNPN-TC to better track and measure membership engagement. As membership chair and as a board member overall, Madeline is always there encouraging us to have thoughtful conversation, and helping us forge airy ideas and intentions into actionable, concrete and realistic plans. I think we can all look forward to what Madeline gets up to in the future.

Chris Oien

By Madeline Graham

There’s no other way to say it: YNPN-TC will really miss Chris Oien. When Chris joined the board in 2009, we were a very different organization. We did not have our current website, we had no blog, and we had no member database. Chris created our first rudimentary database. Actually...he WAS our first rudimentary database (thanks for the years of data entry!).

In 2013, realizing that a one man database operation is not sustainable, he led the transition to our first official database with thedatabank. This change opened up a whole new world for YNPN-TC. During Chris’s tenure he served as Membership Chair, National Liaison, Treasurer, and has written more blog posts than any other blog writer on our site. When decisions need to be made, you can always count on Chris to speak up, get to the root of the problem with important questions, and be unafraid to directly challenge majority opinion. Chris’s leadership over the last six years has helped build a sustainable, valuable, thriving space for young nonprofit professionals. THANK YOU, Chris!

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