Talk Back: What our members have to say

At YNPN Twin Cities, we love hearing from our members about what we’re doing well and what we can do to bring more value to you. We asked for your thoughts in September as part of our annual member survey. Here are a few of the key things you had to say:

1. You’d like to get to know us better.

At events, having more conversations and ice breakers to get to know YNPN-TC board, volunteers, and other YNPN-TC members is something that our members would like to see more. We agree! In fact, directly following our November event, we’d love to have you all join us for a happy hour to get to know us and other members a little better.

2. You have a passion for learning.

What drives you to seek professional development is finding opportunities to grow and build new skills to advance your nonprofit career.

3. YNPN-TC has helped 73% of you build new professional connections.

Whoa, talk about some major networking going on!

4. The $10 million dollar question.

We asked members what they would want to see YNPN-TC do if it had a $10 million dollar budget. Overwhelmingly, members wanted to see more training and skill-building opportunities (and scholarships to be able to get to those that others offer). The good news is, we’re hopeful that we don’t need all that money to make this happen. We’re looking into it; stay tuned for the results!

5. Networking, Young, Fun, and Energetic.

These are the four words that came up the most when we asked you what four words you’d use to describe YNPN-TC. Some of our other favorites: Scrappy, hip, stimulating, and fruit-cart upsetting.

6. Using what you’re learning.

You’ve been taking information from what you learn from YNPN-TC events and resources and implementing that into your professional development. Some examples are: Gaining facilitation strategies, creating peer circles, using social media as a professional development tool, making meeting nonprofit professionals outside of your immediate connections a priority, and lots more!

We had such great information from all of you in this survey, and we can’t wait to take some of these suggestions and make them into reality for 2013.

Didn’t get a chance to fill out the survey? We’d still love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Just shoot us an email to [email protected]

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