Taking YNPN-TC to the Moon

2015 is starting out to be another amazing year for YNPN-TC. We’ve already had a month’s worth of great events, brought on an amazing group of new board members, and started a new 3 year strategic plan.

This new strategic plan builds on our past successes and pushes YNPN-TC forward to be a bigger, stronger, more connected and sustainable organization.

Priority: Innovative Thought Leadership and Sector-Shaping


  • Identify changes and trends in the nonprofit sector and create opportunities for young nonprofit professionals to have a voice and impact.

  • Create tools and YNPN-TC programs with the intent to share for regional and national impact.

Priority: Creating Fiscal Sustainability


  • Create transparent, equitable and mission driven financial plans for YNPN-TC in partnership with and communicated to membership.

Priority: Engaged and Mobilized Membership


  • Create membership programs and opportunities to elevate the talent and leadership of young nonprofit professionals.

  • Equip members with the tools for active engagement to create meaningful connections with each other and in the sector.

Priority: Diversity, Inclusion & Access


  • Create a board and member culture of active engagement and radical welcoming, where everyone matters.

  • Use frames of diversity, inclusion, and access in creating and evaluating YNPN-TC offerings and engagement.

These priorities and objectives are the result of a series of intentional conversations, beginning with  a board retreat in July 2014. At the retreat, with the help of YNPN-TC member Alfonso Wenker (@alfonsowenker), we shared our hopes and dreams for the organization, including heading to the moon. From there, we distilled down to our first draft of what has now become our priorities.

The board then worked with our committee volunteers to further refine our plan and gain insights for how to make these priorities and objectives a reality. One highlight of the process is seeing Lindsay Bacher, or Governance Committee chair, share the priorities at our Five Minutes in Hell event in October.

As we now move in to making this strategic plan a reality, it’s important to remember that a core value of this plan is that all the priorities are shared across YNPN-TC; no single priority is “owned” by one committee or group of volunteers. Each of us will be working to find ways to weave all four priorities into our events, our communications, or member engagement and our structures.

Thank you to our 2014 board and volunteers for helping to shape a new strategic plan that sets YNPN-TC on a path of even greater success. I hope you’ll stay engaged with YNPN-TC and help us put this plan into action.

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