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This blog is by Stephanie Jacobs, YNPN-TC's board retreat facilitator.

If you come to a YNPN-Twin Cities event, it’s almost guaranteed that you will be welcomed and greeted by one of the organization’s board members. These dedicated young nonprofit professionals not only put time and energy into their events, online presence, and partnership activities, but they are also committed to the organization’s long-term impact in the nonprofit community. They care about providing the most valuable opportunities to the members of YNPN-Twin Cities, and they are taking new steps to ensure those opportunities align with the organization’s mission and vision for the future.

A few weekends ago, we convened the board for a strategic planning retreat to begin a process that will eventually result in a one year plan for the organization. At this retreat, the board took at in-depth look at the mission and values of YNPN-Twin Cities. They also thought about what success will look like for the organization in one year and what parameters they will set when pursuing success. Next, the board committees will take what was discussed at the retreat and develop work plans that will set them on the path towards their goals and align with the mission and values.

The board of YNPN-Twin Cities is committed to a transparent, accountable, and participatory planning process. Over the next few months, the board will share this work with its members for feedback and comments. We hope that you take the opportunity to engage in this process with the board and provide insight into the organization’s direction.

In the meantime, please share your thoughts on your strategic planning experience with either your organization or board you sit on. How did you and your organization benefit from strategic planning? What were some of the takeaways or big aha moments?

A note from YNPN: YNPN-TC wants to thank the following board retreat facilitators for providing their expertise and time: Kelly Ceynowa, Steph Jacobs, Nacole Kaai, and Nicholas Deffley.

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