Takeaways from Trish: Highlights of a visit from YNPN's National Director

Many of you met Trish Tschume, YNPN’s National Director, during her visit to the Twin Cities last month. Trish participated in our Leadership Story Swap event, presented at the Nonprofit Leadership Conference and joined YNPN-TC board members and volunteers at an informal potluck. I asked our members to reflect on Trish’s time here in the cities and share their biggest takeaways from her visit.

There’s Something About Stories

From the Leadership Story Swap event to one-on-one conversations at our board/volunteer potluck, Trish’s visit resulted in an abundance of story-telling. This was a highlight for many YNPNers:

"My favorite take-away from Trish Tschume's visit last month was our Leadership Story Swap event. The leaders did a wonderful job sharing their journeys in leadership through fun and poignant story. But more importantly, our members shared their challenges and their inspiration. The group opened in ways most of us would reserve for a one-on-one conversation with a friend. It was positive, powerful, and hopefully something I'm fortunate enough to enjoy again soon."

 “Know your origin story. Even though we're young in our nonprofit careers, it's important to think back to the obstacles, inspirations, and influences that have sculptured our current direction. I think understanding this story—knowing how we got where we are—will help us better identify where we want to go.”

The Power of Being National

While we all know that YNPN is a national network, it’s easy to lose sight of what that means for our chapter. Trish reminded us that being national is an asset we should embrace:

“YNPN is a national network. Meeting Trish, and hearing her stories about visiting other chapters, was a great reminder of the power behind YNPN's influence across the country. It feels pretty neat to know that if I packed up my stuff and moved to San Francisco, I'd have a network of like-minded people assembled and ready!”

“It was interesting to learn more about ongoing conversations nationally exploring what authentically shared leadership looks like. Hopefully the conversations YNPN & YNPN Twin Cities hosted at the Leadership Conference will continue to spark new ideas and thoughts across the sector here in Minnesota.”

“Having Trish here was a great in-person reminder of the power of the YNPN network nationally.”

How Far We’ve Come

Trish’s visit offered an opportunity to reflect on YNPN-TC’s accomplishments in the last few years:

“I was excited about the part of the potluck where we shared some major accomplishments of our chapter with Trish. It was great to be able to let Trish know about some of our milestones and also remind ourselves of how far we've come.”

“Seeing Trish and some of our local board members lead multiple conference sessions and engage our nonprofit community based on the work we've done made me think that we really are making progress in shaking things up!”

Did you participate in any of the events while Trish was in town? What were your takeaways from her visit?

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