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A new professional perspective online

We all have a story that led us to our careers – the careers where we feel are our calling.

For me, my calling was journalism – after finding public radio in the middle of the night as a result of insomnia during a major health issue. Yet, changes were unfolding as I graduated. As people consume news in the digital space, revenue has been impacted and jobs are hard to find. The additional competition for jobs made me wonder continuously if I made the right choice to pursue work in this field. I found myself not only uncertain, but seriously discouraged, and frightened.


In the attempt to make sense of events, I went on social media. Along the way, I was able to connect with friends and colleagues in the industry, and meet new people and get their views on how they see journalism, the media and their work – and see what inspires them. As uncertainty became a constant, so did the search for that perspective and inspiration.

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I manage social media. I think we all need less of it

Woman looking at smart phone held above her head

I'm at home in the world of social media. Facebook, Twitter and other networks help me do my job, stay in touch with my friends, and fulfill my daily dose of manatee memes. But constant connectivity has consequences. The writing is on the Facebook wall: social media can impact our lives in ways that conflict with our values.

The speed of the social stream outpaces the joys of slow conversation. Outrage culture (not to be confused with justified anger) makes me more reactive. When I consume clickbait, I find myself engaging with people in ways that are less compassionate, nuanced, and appreciative. I act in ways that run counter to who I'd like to be, having an impact that’s different than I hope for.

This doesn't have to be the case. We can make social media a catalyst for generation and impact rather than something that controls us. Here's how I've stepped back from the brink and found balance in the world of social media.

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#AskYNPNTC event recap

On November 18, YNPN-TC hosted its first-ever virtual event, #AskYNPNTC. Young nonprofit pros from across the state--and even the nation!--joined in our day-long conversation by following the hashtag on Twitter. Questions raised by YNPs touched on a range of topics from giving shout-outs to folks doing good, transplants and moving, volunteer recruitment, the nonprofit arts scene, event planning, social media engagement, and literally everything in between (anyone recall the great taco debate?). 

This inaugural conversation was a great success: @ynpntc saw over 28,000 impressions, had 57 retweets, 83 replies, and 133 likes! Huge thanks to everyone who participated, whether you creeped on the hashtag during your work day (admit it, you kept an eye on your social feed), tweeted your questions, or shared your insights and experiences; this event would not have been possible without you.

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Give to the Max Day, everyday

Since the wild success of the Ice Bucket Challenge last year, the impact of successful social media marketing has become a hot topic among nonprofits. Personally, after seeing countless friends douse themselves with iced water in the name of charity, I started to look more closely at how my favorite nonprofits use social media. Unfortunately, I see too many nonprofits’ Facebook pages that haven’t been updated since 2014 and Twitter accounts with ten posts per day. Navigating social media can be a difficult task for marketing purposes—and a daunting one for fundraising.

Thankfully, GiveMN’s Give to the Max Day is a statewide crowdfunding initiative that makes it easier to use social media for fundraising. It’s unprecedented growth each year is a testament to the importance of crowdfunding in modern fundraising. If your organization isn’t capitalizing on crowdfunding through social media, here’s why it should:

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Political Nonprofit Pitfalls

Working at a nonprofit says a lot about you. It’s an inherent trade off that many of us know all too well: you get to believe, really believe, in what you’re doing—and you get to do it for less money than in the corporate world. Even if your job is mostly data entry, saying you work for an organization that feeds the hungry or helps young people achieve their scholarly dreams makes you a do-gooder by default.

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Pictures, infographics, social media: Nonprofit Technology and Communications Conference recap

main.jpgIt’s only been a few short weeks after the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits’ 2014 Nonprofit Technology and Communications Conference, and I have already begun to put some ideas into action.

I’m the Volunteer Center Program Manager for Community Thread, a small nonprofit located in Stillwater. With a staff of 11, we do not have one person that is solely in charge of communications or technology. Rather, it is up to many staff, including myself.  I was thrilled to attend this conference, as I wanted to learn more about engaging the public through technology and communications. A few takeaways remain in my mind:

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Go Behind the Scenes with YNPN-TC on Instagram

The following blog is by Katie O'Shaughnessy.

InstagramYou might already like YNPN-TC on Facebook, perhaps you follow on Twitter, or maybe you're connected to us by being a group member on LinkedIn. But do you follow us on Instagram? Instagram is one of YNPN-TC's newest social media ventures, and we want you to be a part of it. 

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Five Ways Marathoning that TV Show Last Weekend Totally Helped My Nonprofit Career

Nielsen Media recently conducted a study to analyze the behavior of Netflix, Hulu (Plus and Basic), and Amazon Prime users. Here’s what they found: most of us like to binge watch, to the tune of 88 percent among Netflix users and 70 percent among Hulu Plus users.

Are you in the 88 percent? That’s fine. You’re just doing your duty to become a better you. No, listen. I am fully prepared to justify this and arm you with excuses—that is, totally legitimate arguments—to snuggle in with your buddy Benedict Cumberbatch or Jon Hamm whenever you damn well please.

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Three Ways to Connect Virtually that Won’t Result in a Headdesk

Let’s talk about the one word guaranteed to send shudders down the spine of many a nonprofit professional: meetings. You’re going to have a lot of them, and after you take that important step of joining a board of directors, you’re going to have more meetings that don’t involve a bunch of people who are coming to the same building for work every day.

Once you start trying to get work done with people across varying schedules and locations, travel time to those meetings starts to add up, and before long, you might find yourself sacrificing productivity through all the driving (or biking!) back and forth. Mitigating this issue is something we are working on internally at YNPN Twin Cities, which is one reason I was glad to see our April Emerging Leaders Network lunch with the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits focused on connecting virtually. Brendon Liner of Nology led this part of the conversation, where I learned about some tools I’m itching to try out some time. 

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From Our Social Media Channels to Yours

Earlier this week, YNPN-TC board member and social media enthusiast Chris Oien participated in a podcast on using social media for organizations with Nonprofit Spark. Their conversation focused on the various social media avenues YNPN Twin Cities uses to connect with current and potential members. Check it out for some thoughtful ideas on utilizing social media in the nonprofit world! 
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