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Quotations enthrall me. The pithiness of the statements. The motivational, instructive, and validating natures of the strings of words. The sense that the somebody quoted is somehow larger than life, made infinite by their sustaining message that was gloriously earned the hard way. There is a timelessness to this stated wisdom, and we are reminded that our human experience isn’t quite so different from what others before us saw, learned, and shared in the course of their journeys around the sun. 

What endlessly fascinates me is how quotes are, in precisely the same moment, universal (in that they evoke a sense of shared resonance for myriad people across time and space) and unique (they spark something entirely different and specific to each person based on their life experiences and circumstances). Much like a river, I’d wager that no one experiences a quote in exactly the same way.

To test out my theory, I’ll share a couple of quotes about leadership below from which I have drawn inspiration and insight, and you let me know in the comments how you experienced the quote and the particulars of how it resembles your life. Here goes!

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Board moments: A timeline of your future YNPN board service

main.jpgIn just a few short days, the 2013 Young Nonprofit Professionals Network–Twin Cities board application will be live on this very website, ready for you (you awesome person) to write a few paragraphs and put yourself in the running. If you’ve been to an YNPN event, you’ve seen board members circulating among members and planning behind the scenes. But why should you apply? I’ve found what makes board leadership worth it (beyond the people, connections, events, etc.) are the flashes of recognition, the moments you realize you are doing work that aligns with who you are. So put yourself in the future: it’s winter 2014, and you’re at the start of your first board term. Here are the moments that will make you happy you joined.

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