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Member Meet-Ups: The Power is Yours!

by Amanda Bingham
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Do you wish there were more YNPN-TC events focused on the topics you care most about for your professional development? Looking to connect with other nonprofit professionals in a different setting? Now you will have a chance to make those ideas happen.

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Carry On: Striking a Balance in Workplace Transition

main.jpgOne of the most exciting and challenging parts of being a young professional is transitioning from “the newbie” to “the one with experience.” Every transition brings a few growing pains; with a little patience and an open mind, every transition will make you ready for your future in the nonprofit world.

Recently, my job duties have grown immensely as a result of organizational change at work. I will admit, I have not quite figured out where my energies and time are best spent from day to day. However, I have learned a few things that are helping me maintain my sanity while I transition into my new position.

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Take your dog to work: Why my black lab is better at my job than me

dog.jpgSomehow in the last few years, I became a dog person. I went from completely indifferent towards dogs to interrupting conversations to say, “Aww, look at that dog! Do you see the dog? She’s so cute.”  I have a 3-year-old black Lab, Samwise Gamgee (I know), and naturally, I want to turn every conversation I have into a conversation about my dog. I present to you: Things My Dog Taught Me About My Professional Life (i.e. Totally Not An Excuse To Post Pictures Of Sam). 

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Connect through purpose: Design doing and exercising empathy

by Leah Lundquist
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Watching fellow board member Nathan Magel’s great collection of videos focused on ideation last month got me thinking. A few years ago, the best kept secrets of the design world took off in the business world. Top managers sought to foster creative confidence in their employees and crack open space for abductive logic (what might be) amidst the deductive logic (what is) and inductive logic (what should be) that traditionally fill the work day. The fad continues. TED talks tagged with “innovation” or “creativity” still get millions of hits and best sellers on design thinking continue to fly off airport bookshelves.

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A Look Back At 2012

Last week, I did 108 Sun Salutations at my yoga studio to ring in the Winter Solstice. It’s a strenuous practice moving through the same sequence of yoga poses. Over. And Over. And Over (albeit in various states of modification and states of form) all the way to 108.

As I made by way through the sequences alongside a friend—hoping for that elusive zen moment of awesome awareness at the end of it to make up for an exhausted body—I had a moment to reflect back on the year’s milestones: nabbed my first full-time job, learned how to can tomatoes, became a YNPN blog editor, rode the St. Paul Classic with a new colleague and dear friend, and grew personally, professionally and spiritually. 

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Amped up on ideation

2013 is just around the corner, and our humble organization is Amped. Up. With the excitement of a mogwai on a late-night twinkie run, we’re looking forward to some big projects and exciting ways of doing what we do in the New Year. As it has been, so it will be that our ability to innovate is in who we are as an intentional and nutritious community. In this space, themes emerge, ideas come together, and from all that surrounds us, we create something greater. All it takes is the confidence we each have in our convictions, and the humility to constantly challenge them, combine them, build upon them, and let them grow.

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How to be a quitter

Hockey sticks and helmets on the iceGrowing up playing hockey, calling someone the Q-Word was akin to insulting their mother, stealing their Gatorade, and throwing in a breezer wedgie to boot. In my hyper-competitive and melodramatic adolescent mind there was nothing lower than giving up, literally the last step before death. Needless to say, I never imagined I would become exactly that.

In the past year I’ve quit four major occupations, three of them jobs and one a labor of love organization I co-founded with two close friends. While I didn’t exactly set out to become a quitter and none of my decisions to quit were easy—some were much harder than others—I don’t regret it.

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Five Lessons From Five Minutes in Hell

I hope you were able to join us October 29 for Five Minutes in Hell, YNPN-TC’s very first member-driven event. It encapsulated the best of what this network has to offer: the ability to share our many varying interests and ideas with each other, and that we can have a damn good time while we do it. Even from my vantage point of making sure the slides ran smoothly, I was learning a lot at every turn. 

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The Power of the Personal Rant

I will make almost any excuse to get on my soap box. In fact, I am a master at making mountains of mole hills. For years and years, these skills were only really useful for driving my parents crazy. But recently, I learned to harness this energy to create my own powerful and infamous “peanut rant.”

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Lifehacker: Twin Cities style

by Amanda Bingham
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When I told some peers about the latest monthly Emerging Leaders Networking lunch, “Twin Cities Lifehacker,” I got a lot of blank stares. What is “Lifehacker?”  Lifehacker is an amazing blog that features lifehacks and software. Lifehacks are tips and tricks that just make your life a little easier, usually with plenty of time and money savings. 

The conversation was opened up for local young nonprofit professionals to share their secret “lifehacks” and good deals that one can find around town. While the conversation was open to lifehacks for play and lifehacks for work, most of the suggestions--not surprisingly--fell under “play.” 

Here are some highlights that came out of the Lifehacker ELN.

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