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It's In the Cards: A Gamer’s Guide to Professional Development

Like fellow board member Jamie Millard, I proudly identify as a gamer. But my personal favorites differ a little: instead of getting immersed in a massively multiplayer online game, I’m more likely to crack open a strategy card game like Magic: The Gathering, the premiere and still best example of the genre.

So when I was rereading Jamie’s post on video games for professional development, I was nodding along and pondering the similarities and differences in my experience. Since different games stretch your brain in different ways, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned from years of drawing seven cards and mulling over the proper sequence of plays, and how that can apply to my and your professional life.

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Becoming Boss

by Leah Lundquist
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No millennial I know particularly wants to end up like Michael Scott, beloved by his employees in a pitiful way. No, we all want to be Tony Hsieh of Zappos, crushing organizational hierarchy in the name of productivity and passion. Or Liz Lemon, somehow getting a show on the air even while managing crazy, egocentric actors and immature, oftentimes lazy writers. But making the leap from the very lowest of the food chain to having people to supervise isn’t easy. We talk a lot about “managing up” as Millennials - what about when we start managing “down”? 

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Better at the in-between

by Lauren Van Schepen
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I’m hoping this doesn’t get me in trouble. I’m hoping it doesn’t make me seem lazy or complacent. I’m hoping I won’t be ousted from the board of an organization whose core mission is professional development. But I’m going to risk all that and say: I think I need to be better at the in between.

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Nonprofit Growing Pains

A graduate during the recession, I held 6 nonprofit positions over 5.5 years. Do the math, and you realize very quickly that I changed jobs frequently. Over this time span, I learned to embrace change and to never get too comfortable, mastering the ability to shift gears on a moment’s notice.

Earlier this year, I hit my two-year anniversary at my current job. I just finished a huge project at this job and, after some time off, I reflected on my current situation: I felt restless.

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Unmasking imposter syndrome

When I arrived at Yale Divinity School to pursue a Master of Arts in Religion, I was excited, eager to start classes, and ready to meet some fellow classmates. I also secretly felt like a fraud.

Somewhere inside, I felt like I slipped past the admissions committee, or they made a mistake, or the recommendations from my professors carried me in without real merit. I was scared that I wasn’t up to the caliber of my fellow students, especially since my classmates at YDS are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met and do important work. Even as I excelled in my coursework, I had a small nagging fear that my professors were going to wise up and show me the door. I felt like this after being hired in my current position; what do I know about fundraising and why would anyone give me money? I was half-convinced the first five donations I brought in were a fluke. Rationally, I know I earned my place in grad school and I’m a competent fundraiser, but that didn’t completely quiet the small voice in the back of my head.

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Adapting Bright Spots: Change Theory in Action

By Anthony Parrish

Change. Meaningful, lasting, effective change.

Over the past few months, the topic of change has been a major focus of the Emerging Leaders Networking lunches. In culmination of the series of lunches dedicated to this theme, Stephanie Jacobs, Program Director at the Nonprofits Assistance Fund, ignited a discussion around the ways nonprofits work towards real change.

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The Three Rules of...Breaking the Rules?

On July 24, Steve Boehlke shared with us advice gained from over two decades working in leadership development with organizations large and small, including Cargill, Merch and Nestle, among others.

His advice to young nonprofit professionals? If you want to create change, ask yourself, "How can I break the rules?" Because it's in those unwritten taboos at organizations that opportunities for growth can be found.

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Pay attention to that board behind the curtain: 2013 YNPN board retreat

The YNPN-TC Board BondsOrganizational transparency is key for businesses and nonprofits to operate successfully, unless you want to run things like the Wizard of Oz (a lying magician who rules through smoke, curtains, and quid-pro-quo agreements). YNPN Twin Cities is no Oz, and we are eager to share about the inner workings of our board, including our most recent board retreat in June. This year’s retreat was my first, but from what I hear, every YNPN board retreat is different, fun and makes the leadership team stronger. I can say all of my expectations were met—and then some!

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YNPN National Conference Comes to the Twin Cities

Every year, young nonprofit leaders from all around the country gather together for the YNPN National Conference. We head to a different city each time to make new connections, build skills, and get inspired to be stronger leaders in our communities. And we are beyond thrilled to announce that the conference host for 2014 has just been announced as....drum roll please....YNPN Twin Cities!

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The Scoop: June's News from Our Members

Several accomplishments and cool news from YNPN-TC's members to be shared in this month's edition of The Scoop!

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