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Lunch Is On the Table

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But is lunch the most important time of day? Lunch, both the actual food you eat and the break that should come with eating that food, has been proven to be important for our general health and increased productivity. Yet despite these findings, our lunch “hours” vary greatly.

Some of us have a very regimented work day that requires taking lunch at a certain time while others take lunch whenever we want - or not at all. You might be able to eat lunch in your cubicle while “multi-tasking” and run the risk of spilling ketchup on the T.P.S. Report, or you may prefer to eat lunch outdoors for a complete change in scenery. Regardless of your preferences, it’s fair to say that we each have a unique lunch break. So why talk about it?

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How to fight information overload

If you’re like me, you get flooded with information. Between Twitter, Facebook, and email, we probably see thousands of messages each day. Some of it is junk (what I ate for lunch), some of it is important but outside your focus area (a message about saving the Lemmings), and some of it is vitally important to your work (budget information related to your department). 

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Strengthening Your Work and Reputation During Times of Change

The last year or so has been a whirlwind of activity and constant change. On November 14, 2010, my life changed dramatically when the most precious baby girl entered my life.

Being a dad has created a whole new set of responsibilities and experiences. I wouldn’t alter any of it, but all of this change had an impact on my personal and professional lives. I have a great supervisor at work and many great peers and role models to learn from. Change is still hard to deal with.

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Take a Leap: Tips for Changing Your Career

Change is hard, but making a career change can be harder.

My dream job is to work in a rural African village doing community development and education alongside my wife, who is a nurse. At first, I really struggled making the leap to Africa in my mind and career, but now I’m slowly taking steps to my dream job.

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Nonprofit Cross-training

Last month the Twin Cities Marathon was a must-run event for avid runners like myself. But because of a series of frustrating year-round injuries, I was forced to be just a spectator. I’ve been able to run again in these past few months, but most of 2010 I spent cross-training. Some friends convinced me to swim on a weekly basis, and I continued bike commuting. All of this kept me in some semblance of shape, even if I still struggle to keep up with my running buddies (checkout my blog for more on that).

A major part of any runners training regimen is (or should be) cross-training. Cross-training helps an athlete develop better overall fitness while reducing the potential for injury.

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