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Saying Goodbye in GIFs: Part 1

We have six board members leaving this year, and couldn't think of a better way of honoring their service than the most characteristically YNPN-TC medium of communication: gifs. We asked each departing board member to choose a gif that represents a fellow board member and describe their choice. Here are your first three!

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The Scoop: November's news from our members

Kelly Rowan is Associate Director of the Alumni Annual Fund at Carleton College.

Holly Harrison is presenting on social media on Nov 26 with MCN.

Austin Wiebe is Marketing and Communications Manager at Intercultural Student Experiences.

Kate Borman is presenting on analysis paralysis on Dec 13 with MCN.

Heidi Larson is Annual Giving Manager at The American Swedish Institute

Brandon Boat and Tane Danger of The Theatre of Public Policy were written up on Forbes for the Mayoral forum they held this fall. Click here to see what they had to say about millenials and political engagement.

Helen Paille joined the Boards of Directors of the 20% Theatre Company and Teenwise.

Amelia Colwell Reedy is Development Manager at AccountAbility Minnesota.

Jessica Luther was promoted from Marketing Intern to (Blood) Donor Engagement Coordinator at Memorial Blood Centers.

Lindsay Bacher hosted a rock climbing YNPN-TC Member Meet-Up on November 13 at Vertical Endeavors.

David Zeller is hosting a karaoke YNPN-TC Member Meet-Up on December 4 at The Hole Sports Lounge.

The Scoop: October's news from our members

Lauren Van Schepen is Partnership Development Associate for Greater MN at Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota.

Leah Lundquist has accepted a position as Director of the Hubert Project, an open education resources initiative.

Helen Kouba is Annual Fund and Special Events Manager at Wilderness Inquiry.

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Sharing My Half-Baked Ideas with YNPN-TC: My Experience with 'Five Minutes in Hell'

Naaima Khan presents at \Are you planning to attend Five Minutes in Hell on October 23 at Honey? 2012 presenter, Naaima Khan, reflects on why she was thrilled to be a part of last year's event, and the rewards that came from sharing her inner musings with her nonprofit peers.

“If only nonprofit managers and staff understood how to inculcate and implement a culture of diversity and inclusion, there wouldn’t be so much conundrum and lack of action around the issue…”  There again ran my crazy, rambling thoughts as I walked from the conference venue back to my car. If only there was a call to action that would jolt nonprofits out of setting up fancy conferences to talk about diversity into action on embracing it, wouldn’t it be so nice? Such inner-promptings gave rise to many inner-monologues, which, again, gave rise to more inner-musings.

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Go Behind the Scenes with YNPN-TC on Instagram

The following blog is by Katie O'Shaughnessy.

InstagramYou might already like YNPN-TC on Facebook, perhaps you follow on Twitter, or maybe you're connected to us by being a group member on LinkedIn. But do you follow us on Instagram? Instagram is one of YNPN-TC's newest social media ventures, and we want you to be a part of it. 

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How'd You Like to Be A Member...with Benefits?

I remember the night well. It was last October, and the evening of the very first Five Minutes in Hell program. I was talking to a potential member who had arrived early.

“So,” I asked her, “Have you signed up to be a member yet? It’s free.”

“No, what kind of benefits do you get?” she responded.

“Well...,” I began lamely, “Um...I guess technically you can get all of the benefits of YNPN-TC without signing up, but there’s always the warm fuzzies of knowing you’re a member!”

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The Scoop: September's news from our members

Briana Gruenewald is now the Communications Marketing Coordinator at ThreeSixty Journalism. Previously, she served as an AmeriCorps VISTA with ThreeSixty Journalism. 

Kathryn Tjaden just assumed a new position as Associate Development Officer at University of Minnesota Foundation.

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Richard Matson-Daley on Five Minutes in Hell

speech.jpgLast week, we interviewed past speaker Richard Matson-Daley about his experience at the 2012 event:

What inspired you to present?

It sounded like fun. I had a couple of topics that were rattling around in my brain that doing a talk was a really good way to process. On a personal/professional development level, I wanted work on my speaking skills in a format I wasn’t used to, and in front of an audience that was different from the ones I had spoken in front of before.

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Welcome YNPN-TC's Newest Volunteers!

by Brian Gioielli
Follow me on Twitter: @giosmelly

We here at YNPN-TC are busy! It’s been a wonderful 2013 so far, and 2014 will be no exception with the YNPN National Conference and some other exciting initiatives on the horizon. None of this would be possible without all the amazing volunteers on our Membership, Communications, Programming and Governance committees!

The past 6 months we have been lucky enough to welcome a number of amazing rockstars onto the team and here’s a chance to get to know a little bit about them. I’m personally inspired by all of these individuals and the things they are doing for our non-profit sector here in the Twin Cities and beyond. They are a true example of what a dedicated and committed group of volunteers can accomplish for a community.

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YNPN Member Meet-Ups: You've Got the Power!

YNPN-TC is excited to roll out our Member Meet-Up program, which allows YNPN-TC members to plan their own informal activities. The first Member Meet-Up was held on August 10th with an ultimate frisbee game! There was a nice mix of current and new YNPN members in attendance and they got to know each other in a fun, informal setting while burning a ton of calories running around on the field!

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