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Well Wishes for the Best Two-Legged Kat We Know

main.jpgThe June meeting of YNPN-TC’s Board of Directors marks the last of Kat Kempe as our Vice Chair. As many know, Kat will be starting next month in the Mid-career Masters in Public Administration (MC/MPA) program at Harvard! Wooo! For more than a decade Kat has tirelessly served those around her in the Twin Cities. She is one of those special individuals that is always completely present with those around her and selflessly supportive at every turn. I could include pages about Kat and how spectacular she is but for now I am lucky to have words from a few others to share:

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The Scoop

Congrats to all the YNPN-TC members who have started new jobs or received a promotion in the last month! Here's just a taste of what members have been up to (sorry, we couldn't resist the ice cream pun).

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We'd Be MIA Without You 2 Event Recap

main.jpgYNPN-TC held their second annual Volunteer & Member Appreciation event at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on April 3rd. The evening was a dedication to all of the amazing people who make YNPN-TC the fantastic organization that it is, and also used as a way to let people get to know our mission, vision and values a little better.

The event started out pitting our committees of Membership & Communications against Programming & Governance to see who knew our mission, vision and values the best – Family Feud style.

Membership and Communications won by a landslide (sorry ProComm and GovComm!). Both teams did a great job though, the questions weren’t easy. Do you know YNPN-TC’s mission, vision and values?

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Call for Volunteers!

Looking to ramp up your YNPN-TC engagement? There’s always a volunteer role ready and waiting for YOU! Check out current opportunities:

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Embrace Eccentricity: Takeaways from the MCN Technology and Communications Conference

The following blog is by Alyssa Roach

In Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Nonprofits, communications professionals, technology managers, and fundraisers (and let’s be real, at many organizations, all those jobs are one position) are working to strategically adapt to new technologies, while still meeting the double bottom line. The April 9th Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Technology and Communications Conference brought hundreds of non-profiteers to examine topics like web design, social media, technical project management, and more. As a member of YNPN, I was thrilled to receive a scholarship to the event. I was impressed by the knowledge and passion of the presenters, particularly the keynote which was delivered by Madeline Stanionis, Principal & Creative Director at M&R.

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April's Featured Member: Courtney Bergey

Courtney Bergey is the Director of Advancement for Lanesboro Arts, a nonprofit arts organization in Lanesboro, Minn. We wanted to get to know her better, so we asked her a few questions!

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Your Tax Day Survival Guide

The collective American deadline called "Tax Day" is Wednesday, April 15th. This time of year is what people in the business like to call a natural “money moment.” Thanks to Uncle Sam, we’re all wading through our personal financial information from the past year, so why not spend a few minutes taking stock? Here are some things to consider during the next break in your Netflix marathon. (Or Prime, for those of us who just might be addicted to Downton Abbey.)

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5 Takeaways On “For Good Measure: SROI and Current Trends in Nonprofit Impact Measurement”

For the March event, YNPN-TC hosted an evening conversation on Social Return on Investment and impact evaluation. Not familiar with SROI? Check out the definition here.

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The Scoop

Change helps us grow and learn new things, become more adaptable, and gain perspective. See which YNPN-TC members have embraced career changes recently in this month's Scoop!

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2014 YNPN-TC Survey Recap

As a member-based organization, feedback from our members on how we’re running YNPN Twin Cities is vital to the success of the organization. Recently, we sent out our annual member survey, and respondents told us what we’re doing well and what we can do to bring more value to you, our members.

Here are 5 key things you had to say this year:

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