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Get free tickets to 30 Days Giving Food Drive

YNPN-TC encourages members to participate in the upcoming 30 Days Giving music based food drive event. Tickets are complimentary! To get tickets, contact Anahita Ahrar at [email protected]. Event details are below.   

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Top takeaways from the MCN Annual Conference

“It’s easy to make a buck, it’s tougher to make a difference.” This quote from Tom Brokaw provided an overarching theme for the annual conference hosted by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN). On October 1 and 2, colleagues from around Minnesota gathered at the RiverCentre in St. Paul to celebrate, learn, and, yes, commiserate about the work we do across the state. As I was awarded a scholarship to attend from YNPN Twin Cities (in partnership with MCN), I was able to join them for two days of networking and in-depth sessions…with a few pieces of chocolate thrown in. 

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Meet your 2016 officers and chairs

Congrats to YNPN Twin Cities' Officers and Chairs for 2016! We're excited to see where this leadership team takes us in 2016. There's talk of starting a band. Probably a heavily auto-tuned pop group, but we're going to take the world by storm. Look out, One Direction.

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We have an operating budget!

We've got big news.

No, we're not making any presidential endorsements. We are, however, beyond excited to announce that for the first time ever, YNPN Twin Cities has an approved operating budget and fundraising plan!

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I survived Five Minutes in Hell

Rubix CubeThe much-anticipated Five Minutes in Hell event last month was everything we had hoped for. We had an incredible turnout and people are still talking about it. There were a total of thirteen brave YNPN-TC members who dared to take the stage to capture the attention of an eager audience. They made us laugh, they made us cry, and most importantly, they made us truly appreciate being a part of such a talented community. 

I had the pleasure of being one of the night’s presenters. My topic was on how I learned how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Sounds like the kind of speech that will have people on the edge of their seats, right? Maybe not, but while this might not seem like the most invigorating speech, I can assure you that the foolproof, cute photos of my younger self kept peoples’ attention.  

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Five tips this stylist wants you to know when dressing for work

main.jpgIn late September, I was invited to be one of the experts at the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Professional Polish event. As a stylist, I work with clients who are in the midst of change. They’re interviewing for a new job, transitioning into a more visible role at their current gig, re-entering the workforce, starting their own business or speaking before an audience. Each client is embarking on a life transition and ready to express the most polished, confident and authentic version of themselves.

And I love helping them do just that. I find wardrobe one of the easiest ways to shift not only how others see you, but more importantly, how you perceive yourself. Here are the five tips I want you to know when dressing for work.

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YNPN Public Board Minutes

Hello young nonprofit professionals of the Twin Cities! Did you know that you have access to our board minutes? Yes, you do! You can find public board meeting minutes on our Radical Transparence page.

Though there are no legal requirements that a nonprofit (or soon to be 501c3 like us!) publish board minutes, we are doing this for some great reasons.

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Opportunities for YNPN-TC Members

Fall is a great time to be a YNP. There are some awesome discounts and opportunities available to YNPN-TC members we wanted to make sure you know about:

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Turn your YNPN experience up to 11

If I had to describe my YNPN Twin Cities Board of Directors experience in one movie clip, it would be this clip from This Is Spinal Tap.

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Chapter hopping: Your ticket to living in a new city?

ChopperAre you destined to be a chopper? No, I’m not talking about the motorcycle enthusiasts, or even taking up a new career as a sous-chef. I’m referring to a phenomenon called “Chapter Hopping.”

Chapter hopping is when a young nonprofit professional like you uses the YNPN National network to find opportunities to move to a new city. You might not be aware of this fact, but our Twin Cities chapter is a part of a nationwide network of YNPs who collectively have formed over 40 chapters. Our national office is based out of New York City.

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