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Can we stop talking about passion for a minute?

It seems to be pretty standard for career books and blogs (even this one) to tell you that the secret to career success is to channel your passion and do the thing you love.

That’s crap. Well-intentioned, but in my opinion, crap.

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Saying “Non” to Nonprofit

I admit it: I’m a fan of the When You Work at a Nonprofit Tumblr. I’ve spent a fair amount of time (at work!) poring over hilarious captioned gifs that capture what it means to work for a nonprofit organization: the dizzying highs when you receive a major gift; the soul-crushing lows when you notice a typo in your annual report; the mad rush for new office supplies or leftover snacks from a board meeting…it’s all there. More than once I’ve found myself reacting to posts like this by saying “RIGHT?!” a little too loudly and looking around for someone to high-five in agreement.


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Five Ways Marathoning that TV Show Last Weekend Totally Helped My Nonprofit Career

Nielsen Media recently conducted a study to analyze the behavior of Netflix, Hulu (Plus and Basic), and Amazon Prime users. Here’s what they found: most of us like to binge watch, to the tune of 88 percent among Netflix users and 70 percent among Hulu Plus users.

Are you in the 88 percent? That’s fine. You’re just doing your duty to become a better you. No, listen. I am fully prepared to justify this and arm you with excuses—that is, totally legitimate arguments—to snuggle in with your buddy Benedict Cumberbatch or Jon Hamm whenever you damn well please.

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Myth Busting: Why volunteers aren’t free

main.jpgHow many times have you heard this in your nonprofit workplace?

“Of course volunteers are free. We don’t pay them.”
“You’re overwhelmed? Just get a volunteer to help you.”
“Doesn’t spending money on volunteers defeat the purpose?”

The notion volunteers are free is a common misconception both in and outside the nonprofit world. While many of the costs associated with volunteers aren’t directly monetary, there are costs nonetheless.

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Myth Busting: Nonprofit executive salaries

Most young nonprofit professionals are not yet executive directors, but the policies and attitudes around nonprofit executive salaries already affect us. Negative perceptions and underpaid talent devalue our entire sector and make it an undesirable place to devote one’s career.

Recent data from the 2011 Daring to Lead report supports the sentiment that most executives are underpaid: the median nonprofit CEO salary falls between $50,000 and $75,000 a year, an average of 20–40 percent less than his or her foundation/government/business sector counterpart.

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