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Group of MillennialsThere are approximately 80 million millennials and they’re rapidly taking over from the baby boomers. Millennials are often called entitled or lazy because some still live with their parents and cannot stop taking selfies. They have experienced the impact of the economic recession, including piles of student debt, while receiving pressure to do better than their parents. Despite this millennials have drive and optimism.

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Accountability, Millennials, and Data: Minnesota Compass Annual Meeting Review

How Does Work Get Done with All These MeetingsI recently had the opportunity to attend the 2014 Minnesota Compass Annual Meeting with nearly two-hundred regional data-lovers.  The theme of the meeting was "Minnesota Next: Millennials, Leadership, and the Information Economy.”

To provide a frame of reference for the event and demonstrate the importance of this cohort to our state’s future, MN Compass Project Manager Craig Helmstetter, pointed out a couple of noteworthy facts regarding Millennials in Minnesota: 

  • At 28%, Millennials currently constitute the largest percentage of the state's population (Boomers came in a close second at 25%).

  • Millennials maintain a high rate ("above average" was the exact phrase) of civic engagement through activities such as voting and volunteering - ranking 2nd in voting and 6th in volunteering compared to peers from other states.

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Giving Back Without Going Broke

‘Tis the season of winter holidays and year-end giving campaigns. Along with the frigid temperatures, there’s a tangible spirit of goodwill and generosity in the air. While many of us work to fundraise for our own organizations, we’re also inspired to give back and support a wide breadth of worthy causes this season. But, when you live on a nonprofit income, it’s not always easy to make the pieces fit.

Luckily, with a little creativity, you can give back in major ways this year without breaking the bank.

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