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Carry On: Striking a Balance in Workplace Transition

main.jpgOne of the most exciting and challenging parts of being a young professional is transitioning from “the newbie” to “the one with experience.” Every transition brings a few growing pains; with a little patience and an open mind, every transition will make you ready for your future in the nonprofit world.

Recently, my job duties have grown immensely as a result of organizational change at work. I will admit, I have not quite figured out where my energies and time are best spent from day to day. However, I have learned a few things that are helping me maintain my sanity while I transition into my new position.

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Reflect and Repeat: Describing Your Internship

main.jpgAs an intern, I’ve researched seemingly obscure topics, tweeted, blogged and “Facebook-ed,” and taken on other mundane tasks that few people dream about. Most young professionals in the nonprofit world have all had our share of internships. And it has been worth it, right?

Yes, definitely! But just as important as the experience is finding a good way to describe an internship or temporary work experience, aiding in your transition from part-time installment to full time employment.

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The Power of the Personal Rant

I will make almost any excuse to get on my soap box. In fact, I am a master at making mountains of mole hills. For years and years, these skills were only really useful for driving my parents crazy. But recently, I learned to harness this energy to create my own powerful and infamous “peanut rant.”

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