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Saturday morning connection: Scattershot Cafe recap

main.jpgHow many networking events do you attend where you bring your kids? How often do you get together with other young professionals in a playroom with boisterous toddlers climbing on plastic slides? My professional and personal worlds collided in this environment – a discussion about parenting as a nonprofit professional, part of YNPN’s Scattershot Café event. In the nine months since I’ve been a parent, happy hour has been more of a challenge, but this Saturday morning get-together was just my speed. 

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Tips for Everyday Project Management

Project Management OrganizationAs of late, I’ve been hearing a lot of requests for training on project management skills. Having been a project manager in fundraising for some years and having taken a lot of project management classes, I know that a variety of tools exist out there to guide people through project management. However, I find that even the “official” project management tools offered by the Project Management Institute, the association of professional project managers, can be overkill for everyday nonprofit projects.

So how do you sort through it all if you want to get organized? To help, I’ve pared down the list to focus on some tools that would be useful for common projects at nonprofits.

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YNPN Member Meet-Ups: You've Got the Power!

YNPN-TC is excited to roll out our Member Meet-Up program, which allows YNPN-TC members to plan their own informal activities. The first Member Meet-Up was held on August 10th with an ultimate frisbee game! There was a nice mix of current and new YNPN members in attendance and they got to know each other in a fun, informal setting while burning a ton of calories running around on the field!

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(Almost) Everything I need to know about nonprofits I learned from the X-Men

SupeherosSummer is coming, and so are the superhero movies. This gets me thinking of my favorite ‘90s cartoon, X-Men. The X-Men are all “mutants,” which means they were born with “x-tra” powers built into their DNA. (The writers came up with this idea because there are only so many times ordinary citizens can fall into vats of toxic waste.)

The group was formed for the same reasons many nonprofits are – to build community and work for a better world. It is a constant battle against fear, prejudice and hatred – and it’s hard (though rewarding) work, much like nonprofit work. To stay motivated, the X-Men focus on some key ideals: standing up for their values, teamwork, and community.

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How to plan an event without losing your sanity

Event planning. Two words that strike terror into the hearts of many nonprofit professionals. All nonprofits have events that require hours of thorough planning and relentless attention to detail. And the pressure! One thing goes wrong and everyone starts talking. If you go to an event where everything looked easy… you know planning it wasn’t easy. 

Despite my aversion to event planning, I’ve done a lot of it through work and as a volunteer with YNPN’s Programming Committee. After lots of hyperventilating, I can share my tips to help minimize your event-planning pressure.

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