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3 lies we were told about how the world works

The following blog is by Jared Rendell.

Two children walk away on a sunny pathA few weeks ago, I got the chance to offer some closing words to a couple hundred high school kids after their week at BestPrep’s Minnesota Business Venture. I’m a camp guy by heart, so any chance to connect with youth in a focused setting like that is a chance to make an impact.  So, naturally, I started off with something really inspiring — I told them they were lied to. “What a great closing speaker,” I thought to myself, “tell them their parents are liars.”  Encouragement was dripping from my lapel mic. 

But, these ideas continue to roll over and over in my head and heart, and so I’m sharing them with you. Hopefully this doesn’t wreck your day or make you question your parents' motives.

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Looking When You’re Not Looking

I’m learning something in life, over and over again. I’m learning that a lot of the best things happen when you’re not looking for them. Maybe you’ve heard this from people before, sometimes in the context of romantic relationships. It’s a classic; they were seeking hard, and missing, and failing, and trying harder, and missing bigger, and the whole time the best thing was right under their nose. Common denominator in these situations? Stop looking.

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10 Life Lessons From Web Design Trends

Growing up, I was a science and math kid. I liked the facts, the memorization, even the tests. I liked the clear cut, yes or no, A + B = C answers. This seemed to bring me two things: decent grades, and the ability to check out of any creative thinking.  In college, a slow shift started without me knowing. My favorite class was my anatomy class, where one thing connects to another thing. Sounds cut and dry (no pun intended… maybe), but all of a sudden I found myself looking at the big picture of how and why the pieces fit together. I was thinking about connectivity, relationships, pathways, and purpose. I was design thinking. Fast forward a few years, and to my surprise I’m spending time outside of my day job designing websites for bloggers, churches, small business, and nonprofits.

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Tell me a story: How to pitch your elevator speech

I was in 8th grade when I walked downstairs late one evening and saw a red rose at the foot of my parents’ bed. When I looked closer I noticed my father's wedding ring had been slid down a stem, resting upon a thorn. I was a boy and didn't know about things like this; I grunted and went to bed. I was awoken the next morning by my mom and younger sister who brought me out to the living room where my dad was already in tears. Then my mom started crying. My sister, not knowing what else to do, started to sob as well.

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Why Resolutions Fail

It’s January 1st. You’re in your comfiest chair, a blank page in front of you, and a few crumpled pieces of paper strewn about. You’re asking yourself: “Who do I want to be this year?” Once you finally jot a few things down, the hard part starts – actually making change happen.  Here’s the good news - the difference between success and failure isn’t complicated. In fact, it comes down to one word.

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Financial Sanity for the Young Nonprofit Professional

Ever felt like one of the people pictured above? Well, you’re in good company. In 2010, Thrivent Financial and Kiplinger asked folks how they felt about their financial situation. More than 30% said they were “struggling” and another 24% said they were “worried.”  Check out more survey findings and take the survey to see how you compare. The point is, many of us don’t feel very good about our money.

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