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You mad? Dealing with anger like a pro

resist.jpegAnger is an emotion. That seems like an obvious statement, but with the way our culture uses anger, it needs to be said. Anger is not the anti-Gandhi boogie man, and though the narrative around it has been weaponized, it doesn’t always have to be a weapon. At it’s base level, anger tells you that what’s happening isn’t right, and it wouldn’t be effective to let it happen. It tells you to fight and resist, which is part of the reason I’m writing this blogpost. ‘Fight’ and ‘resist’ aren’t impulses we necessarily want to reject at this time (or ever), and they can be useful within the realm of mission-driven work. Enclosed are a few handles to get a grip on your fury in professional settings.

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Emotional Intelligence 101

main.jpgThink of a few exceptionally good leaders you’ve worked with in the past. Perhaps a supervisor, colleague, or mentor. Now take a moment to consider three qualities that made them so outstanding. Were they good listeners or empathetic? How ‘bout open to new ideas or passionate about their work? Did they believe in you and your goals? No rush—I’m happy to wait while you conjure up their strong suits.

Recently I attended a training entitled “High Impact Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence” hosted by MAP for Nonprofits thanks to a scholarship from YNPN-TC.There I learned that emotional skills are most often what make exceptional leaders. The inverse is also true for ineffective leaders with weak emotional skills, which typically detract from their leadership abilities. Emotions, when poorly managed, can get in the way of achieving your goals when interacting with people.


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