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The formative months: Three ways to set yourself up for long-term success in your job

It’s said that the formative years of human beings is 0-5 years, during which the brain is growing most rapidly and is extra vulnerable to trauma and stress.  It is during this time that parents need to be hypervigilant, ensuring that their children have the right nutrition, are exposed to learning opportunities and given the freedom to move around, play and test their environment.

I want to suggest that there is also a formative time for employees in a new position. Based only on my own experience, I would argue that this critical time period is 0-12 months.  In many ways, we are just like newborns when we start a new job: we have to adjust to a new environment, learn a new language (or, at least, a hundred new acronyms) and experience a steep learning curve. We are in a vulnerable position, one where we have to assimilate into the culture we find ourselves in rather than stake our claim or make our mark on the world. We have to crawl before we can walk.Photo credit:

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The Scoop

In between road trips, beach days, and block parties, YNPN-TC members have found time to accomplish amazing things for their careers this summer, too! Find out what they've been up to in The Scoop.

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The Scoop

Congrats to all the YNPN-TC members who have started new jobs or received a promotion in the last month! Here's just a taste of what members have been up to (sorry, we couldn't resist the ice cream pun).

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The Scoop

Change helps us grow and learn new things, become more adaptable, and gain perspective. See which YNPN-TC members have embraced career changes recently in this month's Scoop!

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Deadline for New Sector Fellowships is March 6!

New Sector offers programs for early career social impact professionals at three levels:

  • The AmeriCorps RISE Fellowship, an 11 month program (September - July) and accepts applications from graduating college seniors and professionals with up to five years of experience
  • The Summer Fellowship, for current college sophomores, juniors, and seniors as well as recent college graduates
  • The Senior Summer Fellowship, which is designed for Master's students with prior work experience
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The Scoop

Proof that Minnesotans are hearty as hell? The sub-zero temperatures this winter haven't stopped YNPN-TC members from getting out and following exciting new opportunities!

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The Scoop: What's New and Going On with Our Members!

July is shaping up to be an awesome and busy month for our Twin Cities members! Here are some of the highlights that we can't wait to share with everyone:

Christina Perfetti is now Movement for Violence Prevention Assistant at Tubman Center.

Richard Matson-Daley is now IT Service Liaison at the University of Minnesota.

Kristy Gloe is now the School Linked Mental Health Professional at St. David's Center for Child & Family Development.

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The Scoop: August's News From our Members

Emily Shaftel is now Communications Specialist at Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota.

Katie Eukel named a 2013-2014 Humphrey Policy Fellow.

Lizzy Shramko featured in Pollen's YNP5Q.

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The Scoop: July's News From our Members

Learn about the great news YNPN-TC members have to share in this month's edition of The Scoop.

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The Scoop: June's News from Our Members

Several accomplishments and cool news from YNPN-TC's members to be shared in this month's edition of The Scoop!

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