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Cooking Up Your Career


At this point in my life, I have no idea what I’m baking, but that’s ok because I’m still rounding up all of my ingredients.

If you didn’t attend November’s Breakfast of Champions, this makes absolutely no sense. Judy Alnes, executive director of MAP for Nonprofits, spoke at this breakfast and gave some reassurance to those in the room who had questions or doubts about their careers. Do I go back to school for another degree? How do I stand out in a sea of resumes? How do I better position myself for a promotion within my current organization?

“I like to think of careers as recipes,” said Alnes. In your 20s, you’re gathering the ingredients. You’re finishing your degree; you’re getting work experience; you’re meeting people in your field. In your 30s, you’re sifting, stirring, pouring and mixing those ingredients. This is where you find your niche, where you sharpen your story.

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Setting standards, soliciting feedback, and achieving your goals: Breakfast of Champions with Jennifer Ford Reedy

What I love most about YNPs – what makes us so wonderful, and so unique, is just how excited we all become when talking about nonprofits. Whether the topic is fair pay, mission-based work, fundraising techniques or leadership development, we YNPs are enthusiastic. Then add the opportunity to interface with a well-known local CEO, and we reach a whole new level of excitement. This past month we gathered with Jennifer Ford Reedy, President and CEO of the Bush Foundation for our Breakfast of Champions event to hear the story of her career journey.

Photo by Marie Ketring
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YNPN Leadership Breakfasts: Leadership, Sunny Side Up

Searching for the best breakfast in town? Look no further than YNPN-TC’s Leadership Breakfast program. This monthly series provides an all-access pass to network with the Twin Cities' top nonprofit CEOs and Executive Directors, and all before 9:00 a.m.

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A More “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”

Click “Like” if Fred Rogers is your hero?main.jpg

“Rodgie”—as I called him as a child—was and is one of my heroes, and I know that I’m not alone in this sentiment. I can say that nearly every morning as a young child, I turned on PBS, and watched, listened, and learned with my favorite TV neighbor.

Now, 30 years later, watching Mr. Rogers with my own kid, I am happily swept back to a beautiful time when and I learned about feelings, making crayons, Yo-Yo Ma, cooperation, friendship, and caring for animals—especially the fish. For his talent, persistence, patience, humility, I am grateful to have experienced it all first hand, while he was still with us.

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Passion + Your Job: Breakfast of Champions with Lisa Lane

We have been looking for our “passion” since high school. Our counselors said things like, “follow your heart,” “what do you think will make you happy,” or the ever favorite “where do you see yourself in 10 years?” If you were like me, you changed your major three times, ended up majoring in history, and learned more about what your passion was by the leadership positions you took, clubs you joined, and the people you met along the way.

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Opportunity, agility, and the kitchen cupboard: Lessons in leadership from Kris Kewitsch

main.jpgHave you ever gone to an event so awesome that you just wanted to run around and tell everybody you know about it? Normally, when I complete a thought-provoking and inspiring experience, I want to shout what I’ve learned from a mountain-top! (Or, more realistically, bug my cubicle neighbors with tidbits.) So please imagine that the rest of this post is conveyed mountain-top style, with perhaps a yak for good measure. 

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The Young and the Experienced

Sara DzuikOh, to be young.  If any YNPs are anything like me, the nonprofit job search is daunting.  I find myself jumping to the “Requirements” section of every job posting to find the dreaded “years of experience required” before getting too excited about a potential position.  If a job requires three years…. I’m golden, five years…. I’ll give it a go, six-plus years.... Forget about it!

This is consistently how I would end up evaluating myself, by “years of experience.”  Every employer wants experience, and so does every young job hunter!  It’s a vicious cycle that has baffled me for the past 3 years – and the only thing I’m trying to do is find a job that will launch me into the nonprofit sector and give me the chance to change lives.  Slowly I’ve begun to realize how much I am limiting myself by focusing on what I don’t have on my resume, as opposed to what I do.  It wasn’t until the Breakfast of Champions lead by Sara Dziuk, Executive Director at College Possible Twin Cities, that I fully realized my job search method was severely flawed.

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A Steep and Constant Learning Curve: Breakfast of Champions with Laura Zabel

main.jpgEarly Friday morning - so early that downtown St. Paul was just a skip along an empty I94 from Minneapolis - a group of YNPNers sat down for a Breakfast of Champions with Laura Zabel, the Executive Director ofSpringboard for the Arts. The group was a little bit timid at first – after all, we were having breakfast with a woman who has received a Visionary Leader award from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and been named one of Minneapolis Business Journal's 40 Under Forty and Minnesota Monthly’s 12 Minnesotans Who Can See the Future. But Laura’s ease, humor, and total down-to-earthness soon warmed us up. (The coffee may have had something to do with that, too.)

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Contemplating leadership: Breakfast of Champions with Timothy Clark

The following blog is by Wesley Durham.

who.jpg“Who am I” as a question often feels clichéd, relegated to the leads of sleepy winter movies, to shopping mall philosophers, to those with too much time and too little to do. “Who am I?” I’m an AmeriCorps Member. I’m an Eagle Scout. I’m a musician. I’m a hard worker and a loyal friend. What more do you need to know? Life’s too busy for idle identity contemplation. Don’t talk about who you are, be who you are. Or as I tell clients at my site as we’re working on their resumes, “Show, don’t tell.”

And yet, onsite at Urban Ventures on a Friday morning, CEO Timothy Clark reminded us all that maybe there is some room for contemplation. In fact, maybe it’s very, very important. At this YNPN Breakfast of Champions event, Clark spent a large portion of the time taking us from college graduation to taking the wheel at Urban Ventures. He did this not to trace back his ascension to “leadership” in rote fashion, but because taking this tour opened up many valuable questions, questions that can contribute to our own growth if we think hard enough on our own answers. He posed questions like “What do you stand for?” and “Do people know what you are?” Clark had many answers to such questions. Clark defines himself through authenticity. He calls himself a “quiet leader.” He is a “sheep dressed in a wolf’s clothing.” I find that last one amusingly colorful, but also illustrative in its specificity. Clark asserted that you can’t lead others unless you know yourself, and he leaves little doubt that he does.

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