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The benefits of being a part of a network: A personal experience reflection

NetworkingThis past March, I had the good fortune to be sent to the NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in sunny San Jose, California. It was set to be an intense three days of learning and networking, which I was a bit nervous about.

I had been to a couple NTC conferences with close co-workers before, but this year I was going with the President/CTO of our company. While getting a chance to get to know him a little better was great, I also figured I’d probably be spending much of the conference solo - and I was right.

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Overcoming Writer’s Block

main.jpgI don’t always do very well when people tell to me write/speak on something. Someone will tell me that I need to write a blog post or speak at a conference. But then that’s all I usually get—no topic ideas or anything. Suddenly my mind goes blank, and it’s suddenly as though I don’t have any expertise or experience with anything in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Seriously, it’s an empty slate. And then I wrack my brain for hours or days trying to figure out what on earth I could possibly talk to anyone about and have it be interesting enough to read… so basically battling a serious bout of imposter syndrome.

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We'd Be MIA Without You 2 Event Recap

main.jpgYNPN-TC held their second annual Volunteer & Member Appreciation event at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on April 3rd. The evening was a dedication to all of the amazing people who make YNPN-TC the fantastic organization that it is, and also used as a way to let people get to know our mission, vision and values a little better.

The event started out pitting our committees of Membership & Communications against Programming & Governance to see who knew our mission, vision and values the best – Family Feud style.

Membership and Communications won by a landslide (sorry ProComm and GovComm!). Both teams did a great job though, the questions weren’t easy. Do you know YNPN-TC’s mission, vision and values?

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Get me Storyifed: Looking back at We'd Be MIA Without You!

On April 24, YNPN Twin Cities held We’d Be MIA Without You, our first-ever member and volunteer appreciation event, graciously hosted by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

We created the event to educate our membership about what goes into making YNPN-TC the great organization that it is and to recognize the individuals that make it great. YNPN-TC is a 100% volunteer-run organization, so we really would be MIA without our active members and volunteers!

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The perks of being a wallflower: Networking solo

main.jpgI moved to the Twin Cities a little over a year ago to be closer to my (then) shiny new job, to be able to make more friends and live the exciting life in the Big City. I had a huge list of all the things I was going to see and do once I moved into my new apartment in Minneapolis: I was going to try all the awesome restaurants! I was going to visit all the museums! I was going to be a regular in downtown!

...Except I’m super shy and sort of terrified of going to new places by myself. I didn’t have any friends that lived in the Cities, so if I wanted to go anywhere I’d have to go alone, or wait for a friend to be available to drive and see me. What’s an introvert to do?

Enter the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of the Twin Cities.

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Talk Back: What our members have to say

At YNPN Twin Cities, we love hearing from our members about what we’re doing well and what we can do to bring more value to you. We asked for your thoughts in September as part of our annual member survey. Here are a few of the key things you had to say:

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