Reader's Choice: What Would You Like to See on the Blog?

So you’ve got an idea for a blog post. Well, it’s not quite a fully formed idea yet. More like a thought you had in passing while brushing your teeth the other morning. You saw something that made you think, someone ought to write a blog about that. Or you don’t have a blog idea in particular, but would like to learn more about a subject.

We want to hear about it. Our inquiring minds want to know what you’d like to see on the Young Nonprofit Professionals of the Twin Cities blog.

  • What topics or post formats would you like to see more of?
  • Want to propose a blog post series?
  • Is there a skill you’ve been dying to learn?
  • Any myths about the nonprofit sector or your line of work that you’re burning to see debunked?
  • Interested in what the future of the nonprofit sector could or should look like?

Many of you have shared ideas with us and even written posts for the blog. Don’t worry; you don’t actually have to write the post you propose.  But hey, if you’re jazzed about an idea, we’d love for you to write it!

Here’s your chance to help shape the next year of content on the YNPN-TC blog. So don’t be shy.

Share your ideas in the comments below. If you’d rather share your ideas via email, send them to [email protected].

P.S. -- Looking for another way to share your feedback? Check out our Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of the Twin Cities 2012 survey.

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