Q&As | What should you do with your collection of business cards?

You ask the questions, and we'll find an expert with the answers. Nicole Harrison, principal at SocialNicole, chimes in on how to handle what seems to be our Hoarders-style addiction to business cards.

  1. Get rid of that “pile of doom”. You know, all those business cards you have collected over time that mean nothing to you. Why keep them if you have not made any effort to connect with the person behind the card? Seriously, why?
  2. Make business card follow up a part of your daily routine. Add a few minutes to the beginning of your day or end of day ritual to manage new contacts.
  3. Enter information into your email address book and/or your CRM (customer relationship management) software.
  4. Send a follow up email to the person you have met and let them know you enjoyed meeting them. If it is someone you want to get to know further, ask to meet for coffee or lunch.
  5. Send an invitation to connect via Linkedin and try to connect on other social networks as well.
  6. Throw away the card. Yes, you heard me. Once you have done all the work to enter these people in your various connection tools it’s time to say good-bye. Don’t allow a big pile of cards to stack up that you will never look at again. It will just create another “pile of doom”, and we don’t want that, right?

NicoleHarrison.jpgNicole Harrison is a social media and digital strategist and the principal of her interactive communications consulting company, SocialNicole. She has nearly a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector and is the leader of the weekly Twitter chat, #nonprofitalk. Visit her blog for more insight and information.

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