Our Top 10 Posts of 2011

What a year 2011 was for the YNPN Twin Cities blog. Fifty-two posts from twenty-eight different board members and volunteers, viewed over 16,000 times and with over 100 subscribers by RSS and email. Here are the top ten most popular of those posts, as voted by you the reader, with your clicks and your eyeballs. If you missed any of these the first time around, here's your chance to catch up!

1. The 4-Step Program for Successfully Networking as an Introvert
by Jamie Millard and Chris Oien
Networking is important. You know that, and we know that. It’s pretty much a given. But what do you do if just the thought of networking makes you want to crawl into a hole?

2. In Defense of the Nonprofit Generalist
by Stephanie Jacobs
I plan to look for roles that allow me to work with a broad network of colleagues, expose me to many parts of the organization, and help me see the sector as a whole, hopefully in leadership positions within the sector.

3. What to Do When Your To-Do List Gets You Down
by Virginia Brown
My to-do list, with two columns and 11 point font, was three pages long. And I didn’t know what to do. So I took a step back and remembered a valuable lesson from an amazing boss: do what’s important.

4. Hi. How Can I Help You?
by Virginia Brown
What exactly should be happening at these network coffees and lunches? And how do you really make the most of that time?

5. Finding “The One”: Thoughts on the Job Search
by Lauren Van Schepen
Whether meeting someone for a promising first date or interviewing for what you may consider the perfect job, nerves get the best of many of us.

6. Volunteering My Way to My Future Job
by Aleisha Lee
The volunteer work I've done throughout my job search has not only helped me preserve my sanity and self-esteem, but also provided me with opportunities to sharpen my skills, expand my network, and uncover potential opportunities.

7. Mind Mapping Your Professional Development
by Leah Lundquist
(VIDEO) Ideally, by the end you will have not only numerous branches, but also a web of connections that lead to even more associations.

8. The Folly of Fearing Facebook
by Chris Oien
We’ve all heard those stories about people getting fired for what they put on Facbeook. But let’s stop for a minute and think about what we lose when we let our actions be dictated by fear.

9. 2011 YNPN National Leadership Conference: 20+ Faces, 20+ Takeaways
by YNPN Twin Cities
Regardless of the method, we all came with one overarching goal in mind: To become stronger leaders, a stronger network and ultimately a stronger sector.

10. Mind the Age Gap: Tips for Navigating an Intergenerational Workforce
by Lisa Thalacker Joyslin
Starting a new job is often nerve-wracking. Starting a new job when you're the youngest person at work can be even harder.

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