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YNPN Twin Cities gets its work done through three intrepid committees made up of both board members and volunteers!

Governance Committee

Governance assists the board in:

  1. Governance. Developing and recommending to the Board and overseeing implementation of YNPN-TC’s Governance Policies, reviewing on a regular basis the overall governance of YNPN-TC and recommending improvements when necessary.
  2. Nominating. Developing and overseeing YNPN-TC’s Board recruitment process and procedures and recommendations of candidates for nomination by the Board; determining qualifications and characteristics needed by Board members; identifying, screening and reviewing individuals qualified to serve as Directors and Officers of the Board and recommending to the Board candidates for nomination and election to fill Board vacancies.
  3. Board and Committee Development. Providing guidance to the Board on issues related to organizational structure; opportunities for Board development.
  4. Strategic Planning. Shepherding the board’s efforts in long-term strategic planning.
  5. Evaluation. Evaluating Board effectiveness.

Membership & Communications Committee

Contributes to YNPN-TC's success through:

  1. Membership Recruitment. Set standards and board member best practices for membership recruitment.
  2. Membership Engagement. Make sure YNPN–TC’s members have a relationship and open dialogue with YNPN–TC, as we our cultivating our member base.
  3. Membership Evaluation. Determine the needs and strengths of membership through metrics and infrastructure evaluation.
  4. Member Benefits. Create member benefits package that adds value to the network of YNPN–TC members.
  5. Communications. Build awareness of YNPN–TC’s mission, activities, and opportunities both to membership and the greater community, and ensure that YNPN–TC is perceived as a valuable resource and thought leader in the nonprofit sector and greater communities.

Programming Committee

Provides leadership through:

  1. Program planning. Explore program ideas to fulfill the organization’s strategies and produce an appropriate program mix each year.
  2. Program execution. Facilitate the execution of all YNPN-TC events working with other board members, volunteers, members, partner organizations and others.
  3. Program evaluation. Evaluate and review programs and events to ensure the right mix of types of programs and content of programs to fit YNPN-TC’s strategic plan.

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