Organization Spotlight | Charities Review Council and Upcoming Diversity Series

You've probably heard of the Charities Review Council...but do you really know what they do? Have you heard about their upcoming partnership for a diversity series in 2012? Bridget Ulrich sits down with Jamie Millard of the Charities Review Council to learn more about the organization and it's exciting new program on diversity and inclusion.

1.  What is the Charities Review Council?

The Charities Review Council (CRC) evaluates nonprofits and gives them the tools and resources needed to put sound principles and practices in place. In return, CRC then provides a list of the most trustworthy nonprofits to the public, so donors can give with greater confidence.

2.  Why is the work you do important?

When nonprofits operate under sound principles/practices, donors have the opportunity to make informed giving decisions about where to donate their money. As a result the philanthropic sector as a whole becomes stronger—as the saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

3.  What is your upcoming series on diversity?

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is teaming up with the Charities Review Council to co-sponsor a series of Diversity and Inclusion Networking Lunches. The monthly lunches will explore the most pressing Diversity and Inclusion topics-from how to engage diverse stakeholders to creating inclusive environments. The lunches will be held the 3rd Thursday of every month from 12:00-1:00 pm; however, they will not be taking place at MCN or CRC, but at different nonprofits locations. For the full series and topics, click here.

4.  Why do you think a young nonprofit professional should attend this series?

These lunches will provide an engaging forum for not only starting these challenging conversations, but will also provide learning opportunities around this topic of Diversity and Inclusion—a topic that must be sincerely explored and embraced by individuals and nonprofits in order to build a more innovative and thriving sector. 

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