Have you ever left a happy hour or networking event uninspired by the lack of connections you made? Just how valuable is a 20-minute conversation of small talk? And what's a business card good for if you aren't even sure what you’re looking for?

We think networking can offer a lot more. So we’re throwing some intentionality and structure at it and hosting NTWRK: Networking for people who love BINGO on September 19 at Tracy’s Saloon in Minneapolis. It’s a crash course on working the hard ask into networking events. But we won’t throw you to the wolves right away. We’ll tee up your networking via NTWRK (BINGO) cards and you’ll holler out “NTWRK” when you've found a line's worth of the people who are:

  • looking to design websites pro bono,
  • searching for a softball league to join,
  • offering up free space to rent for meetings, 
  • looking for a networking event partner, and
  • more!

To make sure something tangible—besides the standard Linkedin request—comes out of the evening, we'll sweeten the deal (through prizes!) to whoever completes his or her card first and the first pair who schedules a follow-up conversation. But everyone’s a winner. We’ll collect all of the NTWRK (BINGO) cards at the end of the event and email you the results so the networking can continue afterwards.

As experienced networkers know—and you’ll be one of them soon—the key to successful networking is knowing your crowd and making sure you’re asking the right questions. That's why this event is perfect for younger nonprofit professionals, recent graduates, new transplants, AmeriCorps members and alums, and—c’mon, who are we kidding—anyone who likes to loiter in seedy BINGO halls. So come with your game face on and we'll make sure the NTWRK (BINGO) cards make the conversations fruitful.

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