Take Time to Read the NPQ & YNPN Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Reader

Some of you may remember a call last year by Nonprofit Quarterly and YNPN National to contribute articles to their Equity, Diversity and Inclusion reader. Throughout 2016, they’ve been publishing these incredible articles from young professionals, ranging from topics of representation in volunteer groups to doulas to looking at the structure of evaluation to supporting the ever mythical nonprofit unicorn: executive directors of color. You may ever recognize some of the authors - Al Heartly gave a dynamic presentation at 2016’s Five Minutes in Hell.

So read some articles, share with your coworkers, and let these thoughtful perspectives sink into your daily work in meaningful ways. The full list of articles is here or you can read them one by one:

Blackness in Nonprofit Theater: Where Representation Becomes Marginalization
By Ross Jackson
We need to make an effort in our training facilities to practice true inclusion and equity in the theater, so that when the next generation of young professionals moves into decision- and policy-making positions within the professional sector, we won’t continue to traditionalize marginalization.

Toward Transfeminism: Moving Beyond Inclusion
By Zavé Marthoardjono and Rye Young
Across a wide range of missions, movement-building efforts have become more inclusive of trans leaders, and this has led to an important realignment of strategies that address the complex needs of trans people—particularly trans women of color, who disproportionately suffer from the violence and inequality leveled at the LGBTQI community.

Is Democracy Funding Undemocratic? Funding Civic Engagement in an Era of Protest
By Austin Belali
Is the philanthropic field providing democracy funding stuck in the midst of a busy thoroughfare with blinders on?

Race and Health, and Doulas for Social Justice
By Megan Aebi
How have racial inequities invade and taint every realm of nonprofit work? Practice based on affirmative consideration of the outcomes of centuries of institutionalized racism is necessary to begin to reverse its effects.

The Awakening: Black Lives Matter and a White College Campus
By Wendy O. Osefo
“New day, same story. I am the only person of color. In a meeting comprised of senior leaders in education, I am the only black face.”

“If I’m Being Honest”: Vulnerability and Other Collaborative Reflections
By Dace West
This article in the ongoing EDI series is a messy and beautiful search for transformational answers in a collaborative born out of power and privilege.

The Empty Space: A Look at How Theaters Have Filled Gaps in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
By Al Heartly and Jocelyn Prince
How to achieve inclusion? The authors of this extraordinary article portray organizations they believe are part of the seismic shifts needed to maintain a vibrant inclusive future for American theater. Nonprofits in every field of practice can learn a lot here.

Journeying toward Diversity: Voices for Children Rethinks Its Volunteer Recruitment Strategy
By Sarah Adams and Nikita Stange
Interviews with foster youth led this local nonprofit to believe that it was most important to have supportive caring adults as advocates. But what if they could include community demographics as a consideration? That would set an example of what a truly reflective and inclusive volunteer community could look like.

Research and Evaluation in the Nonprofit Sector: Implications for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
By Jodi Benenson and Abby Kiesa
In this important article from NPQ’s EDI series, two researchers raise important questions every nonprofit and philanthropy should consider in the way nonprofits design research and use data. Let’s talk about it!

Nonprofit Unicorns: Realities that Make Executive Directors of Color Mythical
By Candi Cdebaca
The nonprofit sector is by default a privileged construct, in that it maintains the status quo and reproduces dominant power relations between racialized social groups. What would an alternative construct, built for making radical and transformational changes for the people impacted, by the people impacted, look like?

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