Member Spotlight | Who is Jamie Millard?

jamie.jpgThe Vitals: Name, Current City, Age
Jamie Millard, Funapolis, MN. 24

1. Where do you work? What is your position? What do you like best about it?
Charities Review Council. Communications Coordinator. There are so many great nonprofits in MN and by working at the Council, I get the opportunity to help support many different kinds of nonprofits and donors.

2. Why nonprofits?
Working in a sector that proactively thinks and cares about the collective good of society is mentally and emotionally stimulating. Personally, I most enjoy working on the capacity building side of the sector as opposed to direct service—partly why working for an organization like Charities Review Council is such an amazing fit.

3. What's the most 'Midwest' thing you've done or love to do?
I remember the first time I heard of this weird, disgusting sounding—very Midwestern—food called “cheese curds.” It was a great moment and ever since I’ve been on a continuous hunt to find the best cheese curds. Currently The Blue Door in St. Paul is winning with Psycho Suzi’s holding a close second!

4. Favorite off-the-beaten path spot in the Cities?
Not sure if this counts as “off-the-beaten path” but I love just hanging out and playing some old school NES at Chatterbox Pub.

5. Best memory being a part of YNPN?
One of my first volunteer experiences with YNPN was getting the opportunity to redesign the website. Working with the board members on that project allowed me the chance to really dig deep into what it means to be a part of the YNPN community.

6. Most indulgent guilty pleasure?
This is probably pretty obvious considering my answer to #3.

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