Member Spotlight | Meet Amanda "Cash" Cashman

cashman.jpgThere are so many incredible people in YNPN doing the mind-blowing world-changing work and with such a large and active member base, we know it’s not easy to meet everyone in the group. Heck, if anyone DOES know every single person in the group, let us know and we will have arts and crafts time to make an award just for you!

The YNPN Twin Cities Member Spotlight is intended to champion people in the group, highlight the work they do, and help create more connections between members. If you have a nomination for someone for the Spotlight, let us know.

This month we’re shining the light on Amanda “Cash” Cashman, Co-Executive Director of Students Today, Leaders Forever (STLF). STLF works with middle school, high school, and college students through service, relationships, and actions to strengthen leadership and energize generations of servant leaders.


YNPN-TC: What does being a YNPN member mean to you?

Cash: YNPN-TC is a community of young nonprofit professionals who have a shared desire to learn from each other and professionals in our field. With the common ground of working in the nonprofit sector, we come together to have conversations that matter. Every time I attend YNPN events, I leave  feeling supported, connected, challenged, and inspired.

YNPN-TC: How long have you been a member?

​Cash: I have been a member of YNPN since ​October 2015. I got involved through YNPN's 5 Minutes in Hell event! My speech was about how high school can be hell for many young people and what Students Today Leaders Forever is doing about it! It was a fun first event. I enjoyed hearing the messages of the other speakers and meeting other YNPN members.

YNPN-TC: Where did you start and where are you now?

Cash: My background is in Student Affairs. Throughout college, graduate school, and the start of my professional career, I was a Residence Life nerd who loved creating community and hosting programs! I earned my master's degree from Western Illinois University in College Student Personnel and I was a Residence Hall Director for a few years at Missouri State University. Now I am using my experiences from Student Affairs in the nonprofit sector. I am currently proudly working at Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF) as Co-Executive Director.

YNPN-TC: What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten as a young professional?

​Cash: At a #WomenLeadMSP event hosted by Global Shapers, one speaker talked about how women constantly apologize for their accomplishments, make excuses for their successes, and have 'imposer syndrome' rooted in self-doubt. This speech helped me reflect on my experiences and start a journey of self-acceptance for who I am at work and what I can contribute to my team.

YNPN-TC: Who is one other person you think YNPN members should know?

Cash: Lindsay Pluger is someone YNPN members should know. Lindsay is a New Sector Alliance Fellow who works at STLF on the Programming Core. She is a blast to have in our office, communicates well with our students, and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our programs are quality. Lindsay has continued to step up in her role and is an outstanding young nonprofit professional. She is a YNPN member and frequently attends events, so when you see her, be sure to say hello!

YNPN-TC: What is your spirit animal, and why?

​Cash: Can Melissa McCarthy count as my spirit animal? I love her comedic timing, ​positive energy, and most importantly, her unapologetic love of her body & self.


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