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mallorymitchell.jpgYNPN Twin Cities is full of incredible people doing incredible things. As a member, you have the opportunity to network and know people you may never otherwise had the chance to connect with. Our Member Spotlight series gives center stage to one of our own and the rest of us a chance to congratulate ourselves on joining a group with such talent. As always, if you have someone you’d like to nominate, let us know!

This month’s spotlight shines on Mallory Mitchell, development and events manager at the Ann Bancroft Foundation. Their mission is to create a world where every girl has the chance to live her dream and reach her full potential. They provide grants to girls ages 5 through high school graduation to realize a dream, encourage and support programs with girls’ organizations, and form strategic partnerships with corporations to meet these goals.  


YNPN Twin Cities: What does it mean to be a YNPN member?

Mallory: Being a YNPN member means you're part of a group of fun, energetic and committed nonprofit professionals who are the best cheerleaders you could ask for.

YNPN Twin Cities: How have you handled a failure in your career and how did it help you grow as a person?

Mallory: Of my many mistakes, there's a theme of signing up for more than I can handle. I'm always so excited to contribute that it's difficult for me to say no. These mistakes have helped me realize that no is a complete sentence, and if I don't have the bandwidth necessary to be helpful, I can contribute in other ways that meet the needs of both parties.

YNPN Twin Cities: Where did you start vs. where are you now?

Mallory: I started my career as a student fundraiser in my undergraduate university's call center in Alabama! I worked there for three years, and loved speaking to alumni and finding commonalities. Today, I am the Development and Events Manager at the Ann Bancroft Foundation. No matter the position, I've been able to put relationship-building first, and meet scores of new people.

YNPN Twin Cities: How has YNPN helped you in your career path?

Mallory: YNPN has helped me to navigate the Twin Cities nonprofit community more confidently. I've met amazing people through this group, and had a wealth of opportunities to expand my skill set and challenge myself. No matter where I go, I usually find someone from YNPN!

YNPN Twin Cities: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the nonprofit sector today?

Mallory: The generational shift is a huge challenge for our sector as we learn how to balance the needs and preferences of completely different generations. From preferred communication methods to work/life balance, it's difficult for both generations to understand, much less cater to, the other. But, this creates a wealth of opportunity for creativity and innovation in how we approach nonprofit work.

YNPN Twin Cities: What is your spirit animal, and why?

Mallory: My spirit animal is a cat because I would sleep all day in the sun if it were socially acceptable.


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