Meet YNPN-TC volunteer Ben Addington!


Ben Addington is a YNPN-TC member, and also a content and engagement specialist at Metre, an integrated advertising agency that develops brand and communication strategies with offices in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, MN.

We recently chatted with Ben about his experiences with YNPN.

(With the help of graphic designer Cary Walski and photographer Marie Ketring, Metre developed our new YNPN-TC website!)

YNPN-TC: Hey, Ben! Thanks for doing an interview with us. Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

I’ve lived in the Twin Cities, but currently reside in La Crosse and travel here often for work. Outside of agency life, I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my wife and 1-year old daughter, Faye. She has brought new perspective to my life and I’m enjoying every minute. I also love to spend time outdoors and hanging out with family and friends.

YNPN-TC: You’ve been volunteering for YNPN-TC for about a year now. What drew you to our mission, and what have you appreciated the most about other members that you’ve met?

I was excited to join an organization that focuses on development and networking within the nonprofit world. Our agency works a lot with nonprofits so it was a great fit! I’ve really appreciated the “radical welcoming” at every event and the chance to get involved right away.

YNPN-TC: In addition to volunteering doing the enewsletter each month, you’ve also been a part of a HUGE project -- developing the new YNPN-TC website on the NationBuilder platform. Tell us about that experience, and about why Metre generously agreed to help us out.

Pro-bono work and community development is near and dear to Metre. We’ve grown as an agency thanks to our close ties to the communities we serve, and each of us gets a lot personally out of this work. The website has been a fun project and we’re excited to see users interact with it!

- - -

Many thanks to Ben, and to his Metre colleague Derek Nelson for developing the new website! The site is AMAZING, and we simply could not have done it without you. Thanks also to Ben for being a member, and being an active participant on the Membership and Communications Committee in 2015!

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