Meet the New YNPN-TC Board Officers

main.jpgAs you might know, YNPN-TC is led by a board of directors, and on that board sit four officers: Board Chair, Board Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and National Liaison. In August, the board elected new officers who will serve the organization for a whole year.

So, what exactly does it mean to be an officer on this board? Well....

10 Things You Should Know About Being A Board Officer:

  1. Must be skilled in herding cats.
  2. Must identify a daily use of the quadratic formula.
  3. Must be able to draw a perfect circle (freehand).
  4. Must be able to roast a marshmallow without setting it on fire.
  5. Must be able to recite all English linking verbs in under 20 seconds.
  6. Must bring delicious snacks to meetings.
  7. Must vow to never speak in any variant of fake British accent.
  8. Must know tarot card reading basics.
  9. Must be capable of flight (gliding and hovering also acceptable).
  10. Must be able to jump in the air and click their heels together.

Okay, for real—they actually do a lot of important things like foster the vision for the organization, build key relationships with community partners, manage the volunteer process, and connect our local Twin Cities chapter with the larger, national YNPN network.

So who are the new board officers? Say “hello” to:

Rinal Ray, Board Chair:

Follow me on Twitter: @uptownRinky

It’s a tremendous honor and challenge to work with this dynamic, idealistic, and committed board. This community and board mean a lot for me professionally and personally. Thanks to the great leaders that have come before, YNPN Twin Cities is in an exciting moment. We know our mission and our values, and we have kick-ass communication vehicles, inspired volunteers, and strong programming. Now we’re wondering what’s next: How do we push boundaries? Ask hard questions of each other and our sector? Speak our conviction without fear? Serve our members best? There are so many ways this could go, and that is what’s most exhilarating for me as the new board chair--helping us figure it out!

Nathan Magel, Board Vice Chair:

Follow me on Twitter: @nathanmagel

I'm toeing the three-year mark of my membership in YNPN-TC. Those three years have taken me from timid happy hour attendee to my new position as Vice Chair.

YNPN-TC has been growing at a steep trajectory over the last few years. Serving as Vice Chair this year, I could not be more excited to reflect on the past and look forward with unfettered inspiration to an equally bright future. As Vice Chair, I’m excited to contribute to the the growth and development of our membership.

Alison Griffin, Secretary:

Follow me on Twitter: @dirtysoychai

I’ve always been a Jill of all trades, but serving as Secretary empowers me to dig deeper and more strategically into the way YNPN-TC operates and evolves.

I'm most excited about streamlining the way we engage our volunteers so we can grow and become more inclusive to young nonprofiteers.

What encouraged me to apply for Secretary is the same thing that brought me to YNPN-TC in the first place—the opportunity to take on new and exciting challenges while intentionally developing as a professional.

Leah Lundquist, National Liaison:

Follow me on Twitter:  @leahlundquist

This is an exciting time for the national Young Nonprofit Professionals Network and a key time for our chapter to stay in step with a national network 30,000+ strong. I want to be an ambassador nationally for all the savvy and quality work being done here. I hope to harness the wisdom and resources of the national network to step up our presence in the Twin Cities.

I'd also like to help facilitate more in-roads for our members to connect with the national YNPN community. I'm looking forward to working closely with YNPN National's board and new Executive Director, Trish Tchume (@ttchume), around things like the release of YNPN's National Voice survey this fall (more info to come!) as well as YNPN turning 15 (#ynpnturns15) and the August 2012 YNPN Conference in San Francisco (#ynpn12)!

And a big thanks to the former officers Kelly Rowan (Board Chair), Rinal Ray (Board Vice Chair), Nathan Magel (Secretary), and Tom Basquill (National Liaison).

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