Meet Our New Board Members Part II

main.jpgYNPN-Twin Cities is led by a dedicated board of nonprofit professionals. In November, we put out a call for new board members and we were thrilled by the number of talented young professionals that responded. After a competitive nominations process, we're excited to introduce to you our newest board members.

In this two-part series, we asked the new board members to grill interview each other, so that we could get the nitty gritty on who they are. Next up to bat, Jamie Millard and Lisa Joyslin.

Lisa Joyslin interviews Jamie Millard

What brought you to YNPN? 
As a recent graduate and a self-identifying introvert, it was nice to find an inclusive community with other young nonprofit professionals. 

How did you first become interested in the nonprofit sector? 
I started out in publishing, which, in Minneapolis, is dominantly nonprofit driven. I had the opportunity to work with a lot of different nonprofit publishing houses and business balance between fundraising and earned income revenue streams fascinated me. I've worked with and in nonprofits ever since. 

What is something you do outside of your "day job"? 
I co-founded the local literary arts magazine Paper Darts. Which just released its third print volume and publishes new content via the web twice a month. 

What is your favorite book, and why?
I've never really considered myself a novel person, much more of a short story/essay reader. But if it counts, the anthology The Best American Essays 2007  is one of my favorite readswith Jo Anne Beard being my favorite essayist. 

What was the first tape/CD you ever owned? Do you still like it?
Man, I have no idea. I do remember getting the CD to the soundtrack of The Mask...I listened to that over and over. Not sure if I'd still like it...probably not. 

What are your champion causes/issues? Why?
I'm torn when it comes to which causes I support. The biggest cause I donate towards is animal rights/wellbeing, but the other cause I most identify with is supporting the arts (but I dislike the notion of subsidizing the arts). 

What is the one accomplishment you are most proud of in your career thus far?
I'm extremely proud of my new position with Charities Review Council. It's such a respected organization that is doing amazing capacity building work for the sector. Being able to tell people that I work for the Council is definitely my biggest career highlight thus far. 

Do you have any unique or unusual talents?
Not sure how unique or unusual this is, but after taking Latin for 7 years, I can read almost all of the classics in the original Latin. 

Who are your role models or who do you look up to?
I really look up to my dad who has an amazing work ethic. He can easily put in 90 hours a week and never complains.

If you had superpowers, what would you do? And why?
This probably wouldn't be healthy, but I *think* I would enjoy the power to enter people's minds and influence their decisions. Oh, the possibilities. Pretty sure that would be the most powerful/dangerous/awesome superpower someone could have. 

Jamie Millard interviews Lisa Joyslin

What brought you to YNPN?
Since I work in Stillwater but live in St. Paul, I was looking for a way to get more involved with the nonprofit sector in the Twin Cities. I was impressed with the great professional development and networking opportunities that YNPN provides, and wanted to get more involved.

What's your astrological sign? Does it fit your personality?
I'm an Aries. I'm not sure if it fits me...what am I supposed to be like?

What are your champion causes/issues? Why?
Most of my professional career I've worked on engaging people in volunteerism. Volunteers are a crucial part of most nonprofit organizations, and it's fun to connect people to opportunities where they can make a great contribution and also really benefit an important cause.

What is one thing most people don’t know that you do?
I really enjoy paintingmostly abstracts. It's nice to do something completely different from my day job.

What person—living or dead, actor or otherwise—would play you in the hit autobiographical movie about your life?
Tina Fey - She's funny, talented and not too tall.

Name three songs that would be on that soundtrack to your hit autobiographical movie?
First, the background music in the movie "Rudy" when Rudy is working hard to get into Notre Damegrowing up, that song was the background to most of my daydreams where I was doing cool things. Second, "Marry Me" by Trainit was my husband and my first dance song at our wedding. Third, "Gimme Some Lovin" by the Spencer Davis Groupbecause I just really like that song.

What’s one item on your bucket list?
I've never been to Europe, and I'd really like to. Top places on my list are Greece and Ireland.

What's the most challenging aspect of your job?
A lot of what I do is planning volunteer projects, events and initiatives. The hardest part is dealing with all the factors that you can't plan for and can't control, and making quick adjustments when things don't go exactly as you expected.

Outside of your job, how do you grow professionally?
YNPN events and programs, of course! I also keep in touch with friends from my grad school program and swap stories about our nonprofit experiences.

Which popular (or unpopular) 90s cartoon character best represents you?
Mighty Mouse (was that still on in the 90s? Oh well, it's still my choice). I've had co-workers call me Mighty Mouse because I am surprisingly strong for my size.

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