How'd You Like to Be A Member...with Benefits?

I remember the night well. It was last October, and the evening of the very first Five Minutes in Hell program. I was talking to a potential member who had arrived early.

“So,” I asked her, “Have you signed up to be a member yet? It’s free.”

“No, what kind of benefits do you get?” she responded.

“Well...,” I began lamely, “Um...I guess technically you can get all of the benefits of YNPN-TC without signing up, but there’s always the warm fuzzies of knowing you’re a member!”

I attempted a rakish grin, thrusting a thumbs-up in the air. She smiled back wanly, clearly unconvinced.

“I’ll think about it,” she said.  

For me, YNPN-TC membership has always been a no-brainer, which is why conversations like this one have always been a source of frustration for me. But for all of you who have been on the fence about it, non-membership in the coming months is about to become truly unthinkable. Laughably unthinkable.

In addition to low-cost admission to events like October’s showing of the Guthrie’s Tribes (with a free drink and cast party to boot), being a member, which will still be free by the way, will soon offer you a whole host of other delightful benefits including the ability to:

  • Get discounts and the chance to win free admission to professional development programs with local capacity building organizations like MAP for Nonprofits
  • Attend future arts and entertainment events like those at the Guthrie
  • Receive exclusive access to the Network Navigators Program
  • Host your own Member Meet-up with your peers, and connect in new, fun ways

And of course, this is all on top of the wonderful programming, blog entries, and email updates like the Bridge that you’re already enjoying. So what do you say? Isn’t it time you put a ring on it? It’s still free, folks. And the benefits are about to get even better.

PS - Do you have ideas about benefits we should be offering? Leave a comment below or tweet me up @cwalski.

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