Give your personal brand some moxie | Creative, doable personal business cards

You’ve heard it a million times. Get personal business cards.

You probably know you should have personal business cards (and many of you probably do), but have you ever thought about the value of having creative, memorable, impressive cards? Think of business cards not only as practical little networking tools, but also as an opportunity to leave someone a unique trinket that says “remember me!” You don’t have to be a graphic designer, illustrator, or “artist type” to create or deserve beautiful business cards. So treat your personal branding to a little surprise and revamp those bits of paper!

Here are three creative and inexpensive ways to make an impression with a personal business card:   

Make a stamp and start stamping your information on a variety of fun papers.

  • You could get a custom stamp made on Etsy (like this one). 

  • Or buy a DIY stamping kit from Staples.

Use paint chips and clear mailing labels to make your “business cards” quirky and stand out.

  • Grab some clear mailing labels (like these), type the typical business card information in a mailing label template, then print your labels. 

  • Pick up some paint chips (the more colorful the better, in my opinion), cut them to size, and adhere your clear labels.

For something a little more traditional but still fun, check out MOO.

  • While you can get normal sized cards, their MiniCards make a statement. (Opt for the rounded corners—they feel more specialized.) 
  • Even if you go with their basic template designs, you’ll be doing better than the average business card. You could also hire a freelance designer to help you out for something with an extra wow-factor. This would probably only cost around $100. 
  • P.S.: Please forget that VistaPrint exists.

Hope you’re feeling inspired!

Do you have any tips or tricks for making a business card feel extra special and personalized? Share your ideas with our readers!

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