Getting to Know the New Crew - Part 2

We’re thrilled to introduce three of YNPN’s new board members, Aisha Eady, Krysten Ryba and Sara Shaylie. Here they are saying a quick hello and highlighting an event they are looking forward to in YNPN’s 2012 season. You and folks you know are invited to come on out to sharpen your skills and connect in person with them and other great YNPNers!

Krysten Lynn Ryba

My name is Krysten Lynn Ryba, and I'm happiest when I'm helping nonprofits further their missions - for me, that means conducting research, and presenting information that tells a story. My first YNPN event was an ELN lunch. I had just moved to St. Paul from Chicago (May 2010) and was excited to learn more about the Twin Cities' thriving nonprofit sector. I had a great conversation with several attendees and left knowing YNPN would play an integral part of my professional development in the coming years - and it has! As a new board member, I look forward to responding to the needs of our members as heard in our 2011 Membership Survey through innovative programming and continued greatness in our blog and e-newsletter. 

Aisha Eady

Hi my name is Aisha Eady and I'm passionate about helping others achieve their dreams through social entrepreneurship. My first introduction to YNPN was my college roommate who invited me to a YNPN happy hour. I was so impressed with everyone's energy and couldn't wait to come to another event! At the time, I was looking for opportunities to connect with others and expand my knowledge of the nonprofit sector. I'm looking forward to YNPN's next event, The LiFe LaB (Tuesday, February 21 from 5:30-7:30 at Joule Co-working Space, in case you were wondering). Life coach Beth Wallace will be there to help us overcome our resistance to our own success. I hope to see you there. Please say hi; I'm friendly and I'll say hi back!

Sara Shaylie

My name is Sara Shaylie, I am a community organizer and dog walker living and working in the Twin Cities since 2003. I have been privileged to organize in the arts community and focus on local issues related to quality of life, democratic use of public space and access to the arts. On my professional path, YNPN has served as an open learning environment where I could hone my professional skills and expand my nonprofit network beyond the arts community. As a board member I look forward to helping provide those experiences for other YNPN members at events like our upcoming ELN lunch on the art of hosting and getting published.

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