Five Lessons From Five Minutes in Hell

I hope you were able to join us October 29 for Five Minutes in Hell, YNPN-TC’s very first member-driven event. It encapsulated the best of what this network has to offer: the ability to share our many varying interests and ideas with each other, and that we can have a damn good time while we do it. Even from my vantage point of making sure the slides ran smoothly, I was learning a lot at every turn. 

In the spirit of those snappy five-minute presentations, here are just a few of my favorite takeaways:

Diversity isn’t just a white problem. No, really.

Naaima Khan, Diversity and confusion

Snap judgments and closed minds are wide-reaching problems and extend well beyond race and ethnicity. It comes down to a worldview: do you value others as people, actively listen to them, and seek ways to help them move forward? If so, you’re off to a great start.

Watch out for those contagious emotions

Julia Quanrud, Conflict management in five steps

When taking that big step out from Minnesota Nice passive-aggression and actually talking to people about a conflict you’re having with them, carefully picking your tone is just as important as picking your words. If you sound angry or hostile, that’s what you’ll get in return; keeping an even keel will keep the focus on the facts of the situation.

Stop trying to trick yourself out of your weaknesses

Richard Matson-Daley, A strengths-based approach to weakness

Even if you do expend some precious willpower to address your identified weaknesses, “you might, just might, become average.” A better formula to excel is to change your environment so that you call on your weak areas less and to partner with those who are stronger where you are weak.

The grassroots in our community are up to big things

Emily Torgrimson, Eat for Equity: Throw a party and a fundraiser breaks out

Eat for Equity started as an impromptu college fundraiser to help victims of Hurricane Katrina and today has four branches around the United States, was featured on the Today Show, and is going on a cross-country tour next year with a goal of raising $200,000 for various nonprofits. And they do this with a fun, inclusive, community-driven spirit that meets young professionals where they’re at in terms of their passion and ability to give. This story and others like it are bubbling up through and transforming the nonprofit sector every day.

“Sometimes you’ve just gotta say f*** it, I like the Spice Girls.”

Lindsay Bacher, Get the (dance) party started: DJing for the young professional

I’d say this one speaks for itself. Check out Lindsay's presentation:

If we didn’t see you that night, never fear! We’ve got plenty of photos from the night to peruse on Facebook. Check them out, get inspired, and start thinking about what you’d want to share for what I hope will be Five MORE Minutes in Hell in 2013.

photo credit: Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of the Twin Cities

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