Drawing Up Big Plans

Each year brings a fresh slate of officers to the YNPN Twin Cities board of directors. This is the group elected to keep an eye on the big picture and help the whole board stay in alignment as we work toward meeting our mission and vision and giving you, our members, the best possible experience.

But did you know? This group has quite the artistic streak too! To prove it, we asked the four of them to open up Paint on their computers and draw us a picture to represent what they'd like to see happen during their term. Read on for their artistic inspiration!

Nathan_Magel.jpgNathan Magel, Board Chair

Bucky_Ball.png'Like Buckminster Fuller's geodesic domes of the mid-20th century, I'm excited to see YNPN Twin Cities continually develop organization that draws, holds and inspires the creative, at times chaotic, and always collaborative passion of the young and all in our sector. It's this passion that has drawn so many of us to our work; and with sound structure, it's this passion that makes possible the good we do every day at our jobs at in YNPN Twin Cities. Like my rendition of Bucky's Ball below, this process will doubtlessly be messy at times. But what will come of it could rival the bold vision and far-sightedness of the '67 Montreal Worlds Fair, and the on-the-ground, in-your-veins appeal of Epcot Center's Club Cool.


Jamie_Millard.jpgJamie Millard, Vice Chair

Skyline.pngIf you can't tell, this is the Minneapolis city skyline. I want to literally paint the town with YNPN Twin Cities. Okay, not literally, but you get my drift. 


Lauren_Van_Schepen.jpgLauren Van Schepen, Secretary-Treasurer

Communication_and_Collaboration.pngI'm excited to use my role as Secretary to connect people, ideas, and programs. We're busy, but can always do more/better when we communicate well and collaborate internally and externally. 


Chris_Oien.jpgChris Oien, National Liaison

Map_of_USA.jpgIf you're reading this, odds are you're at least a bit familiar with the big things YNPN Twin Cities is up to. But did you know there are 30+ other chapters all across the country, each with their own unique flavor and spin on how to best develop young nonprofit professionals in their area? I'm looking forward to connecting more deeply with these other chapters and with YNPN National to help build capacity across the entire network and strengthen that web of connections so that we all know and can use each others' best ideas.

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