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giacomo.jpgDear Giacomo, 

The New Year is here, and I need your help! I feel like all the resolutions I’m coming up with are pretty boring because everyone else is doing them. I really want to make a big splash at my job this year - any recommendations on meaningful resolutions that would help me succeed in the non-profit workplace?

Be Right Over ’14

Dear BRO ’14, 

Let’s be real here. I run a pretty successful non-profit career advice column, and this time of year is teeming with people who are looking for great advice. Out of the thousands of letters and faxes I received asking about professional resolutions for 2014, yours stood out. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to help you and all of my passionate readers take unique steps to have an “off-the-charts” 2014 (at least professionally). As usual, I’ve scoured the Internet and done some significant soul searching to come up with a simple list of items that anyone can do, and I can almost certainly guarantee the possibility that they might work out for you. Read on! 

#1: Learn an English Accent 

english.jpgA lot of folks want to resolve to learn something new at the start of a new year.  More often than not, that something might be learning or improving on a new language. A worthy goal, no doubt, but if we are being honest - something the Crostini’s stake their reputation on – learning a language can take a long time and we are all busy people. So I present to you a striking alternative! Learn an accent! Not only will this make you undoubtedly seem very interesting to your colleagues, but studies have shown that you might even be viewed as smarter in some circles.

On top of that, you will instantly be more attractive overall - it’s science. There’s a reason Downton Abbey is worthy of our obsessions. There are a number of ways you might be able to acquire an accent - and chances are you are already doing some of them! All you have to do is settle down on the couch and watch either Doctor Who, BBC Nature Documentaries, or any movie starring Hugh Grant,  repeat your favorite lines, and remember, practice makes perfect! Before long you will be the star of the office.

Please note: If an English accent isn’t your cup of tea (ha! I kid!), then you might want to consider an Irish or Australian accent. While those can prove more difficult for some, there are others who have a natural aptitude! Slainte!

Additional Note: This resolution is particularly effective for fundraisers! Carry on mate!

#2: Grow Some Herbs, Make Some Friends

cook.gifRemember a while back when I gave DOHH some great advice on office decor? Well this is a way to spice up your desk while creating stronger relationships with your colleagues at work. Maybe it’s my background, but some of my most meaningful moments in life have taken place with a healthy dash of oregano. My suggestion to you is to grow some desk herbs! Basil, mint, rosemary, or whatever your heart desires. Then, when lunchtime rolls around at the office you will quickly become a crowd favorite!

Just imagine it, someone’s on the way to the break room to heat up their daily Hot Pocket and then - “BAM!” -  it’s a whole new ball game when they use your desk herbs to add zing to their meals. Your work relationships will improve dramatically when you become the go-to for that dash of seasoning to get through the day. Not only will you be a hero to your co-workers, but productivity in the office will bound to be increased (so your boss will love you too)! My confidence level is at least a 5 out of 10 that if you Google some keywords about desk herbs, there will be a number of studies to support this resolution. Emeril doesn’t limit himself - why should you!

#3: Become a Master Magician

magic.jpgMagic is seriously cool and everyone loves it. This should literally be everyone’s resolution. Get on it right now!

#4. Be Serious and Thoughtful

thoughtful.jpgThe simplest and most straightforward piece of advice I can give you, BRO ’14, is to really take some time to be serious and thoughtful about any goals you want to set for yourself. Where do you see yourself at the end of 2014 versus where you are now professionally? What are benchmark goals that you can set to make sure you’re getting there?

Keep in mind how organizations like YNPN-TC and other resources can provide assistance to help you network and achieve these goals. We want to make sure we support you in accomplishing all your hopes and dreams in your non-profit role.

Didn’t quite get what you wanted out of this blog post for setting some career resolutions in 2014? Well I can’t say I understand, but here are a few additional links that might be helpful as you think about setting some nifty resolutions for yourself:

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