Dear Giacomo: Can't We All Just Get Along?

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giacomo.jpgDear Giacomo,

I don’t know what to do. I love my job, boss, and pretty much everything about my nonprofit organization. There is only one problem - my new co-worker! We just don’t click, he rubs me the wrong way and quite frankly, I’m not a fan. How am I supposed to spend everyday with someone that I don’t really like?

Paralyzed Over Our Problems 

Dear POOP,

It’s like you are reading my mind! Your letter arrived at the perfect time as I myself just worked through this very issue with another of the Crostini clan. My cousin Francesca was having the darndest time connecting with Joey at our family meatball production offices. Crostini meatballs taste best when made with love - so I’ll give you some of the same advice that I gave her. Most of it is pretty mind blowing, so hold on to your butts.

Try Harder!

scissors.jpgHere’s the deal POOP - everyone has something in common. Maybe you just haven’t taken the time to find out what that thing is. I admit that you might have to dig a little deep - but all it takes is one little connection to help bridge the divide between you. Finding that common ground might be just the thing to help take away the dread you feel when it comes to team projects at the office. I recommend starting with some things that are super relatable. Professional studies that I’ve done show that the best place to start is one of the following topics; water slides, magic, and mutual love of hermit crab culture.

Blog It Out

blog.jpgThere is an old Italian saying (most old sayings come from Italy) that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all, and if that isn’t working then consider writing an anonymous blog to get your feelings out. The point here is that it’s not going to help anyone if you start letting this interfere with your work or workplace culture. Grab a glass of chianti with a friend, chat up your mom over Sunday night lasagna, or snatch up Find a way to vent so that you aren’t bottling up those frustrations.

Stay Chill

chill.jpgI’m hoping this goes without saying - but are you freaking out right now POOP? Don’t. The advice here is short and sweet. Keep cool, calm, and collected when figuring this out. Chances are if you start to treat your co-worker poorly that it will reflect poorly on you. You know when you interview for a job and there is always a question about how you professionally handled a challenging situation or person? This is the example you will be able to give. So stay chill POOP!

If All Else Fails

sword.jpgNot everyone is going to have success with the strategies I’ve listed above. It pains me to say it but just because something worked at the Crostini meatball offices doesn’t mean it will work for you. These are more “last resort” style options - but I wanted to leave no stone unturned for you POOP.

  • Sword Duel (any sort of duel really)
  • Dance Off
  • Rubiks Cube Race

I trust that this was helpful POOP! Just hang in there, follow this advice and (as usual) I’m very confident that I’ve been very helpful. If you want to read a bit more about dealing with & getting along with co-workers then I’ve put a few more articles below. Go get em tiger!

A few more articles:

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